2006 Senior Capstone Projects

Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Project Members   Project Title
Kyle Anderson and Cory Geers   Basic Utility Vehicle: Team Ruggedly Simple
Curt Elpers and Michael Bournias   Design of a Quick Detachable Bed System for a Semi-Tractor
Nicole Macaluso and Toni Trepanier   Design and Evaluation of a Watershed-Scale Water Harvesting Structure for Hallouf Watershed in Tunisia
Matt House and Josh Carter   Jessour Design for Desert Areas
Jamie Prochno and Paul Klockow   Sundance Trailer Court Water Management System
Brandon Bechtel, Peter Rumel, Aditya Singhal, Christopher Torsell and Philip Wetzel   Team Liquid Recreation - Human-Powered Hydraulic Bike


Biological & Food Process Engineering

Project Members   Project Title
Jared Baird, Keith Convery and Kyle Roth   Large Scale Ethanol Production with CO2 Separation
John Koehler, Louie Stephon, Matt Thornton and Melanie Bendiburg   Dehydrated Powdered Marinara Sauce
Gerrardo Urruela, Alex Miller, Catherine McInnes and Elspeth Larson   Beverage Bombers: Flavor Vehicles for Carbonated Soft Drinks
Matt Hurm, Michelle Rajna and Jackie Velasco   Soy Enhanced Yogurt Smoothie Powder


Agricultural Systems Management

Project Members   Project Title
Dan Murphy, Sam Nesbitt, David Ferguson and Andy Marchese   Monsanto Utility Sprayer: Updating, Rebuilding and Adapting Project
Nea Wolheter, Jess Yegerlehner, Kory Ross and Daniel Shonkwiler   Eaton Utility Vehicle Research Project
Cole Raber and Mark Mellencamp Convenient Trailer for ATV's
Justin Daugherty and Brandon Bules   Conversion of a 3-Point Hitch Hydraulic Log Splitter
Ross Chapman, Brad Craycraft and Joe Riner   Feederhouse Debris Cleaner
Andrew Cook, Jeremy Peacock and Lance Setterdahl   Low Cost On-Farm Containment for Pesticide Storage
Josh Schmidt and Josh Martin   Post Harvest Pesticide Applicator
Ben Johnson and Dan Bowers   Relative Precision and Accuracy of GPS Receivers
Kevin Wenning and Kalen Bell   Spring Break New Orleans Reconstruction
Chris Rice and Steve Semenick   Sweet Corn Harvesting System


Special Undergraduate Research Project

Cody McKinley   Using CFD to Simulate a Cylinder Head Flow Test

Blue : First Place Winner
Red : Second Place Winner

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