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May 23, 2019

ABE agBOT Team: Champions Cultivate the Future

In the previous two competitions, the Purdue agBOT team has placed second. This year, as part of the Giant Leaps in Artificial Intelligence, they brought home the trophy!
May 1, 2019

Professor Kevin Solomon, grad students Michael Mechikoff, Kok Zhi Lee: Protein for gene editing may improve sustainable manufacturing

“One of my best friends died from a cancer caused by a genetic variant several years ago,” said Kok Zhi Lee, a doctoral student who works on the research team in Solomon’s lab. “I always dreamed of a different scenario for my friend – living in an era where genetic engineering is a regular and safe option to correct genetic disorders. With the potential of our technology, I anticipate a future where genetic disease is history for human beings.”
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