2007 Senior Capstone Projects

Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Project Members   Project Title
Greg Long and John Mahrenholz   Quarter-Scale Tractor Design Competition
Sean Kimmel, Joseph Mallory and Carly Sheets   Constructed Wetland for Wastewater Treatment - Captain Planet Engineers
Chad Schotter, Adam Conklin, Amber Harris, Katy Bush and Emily Raderer   Bank Erosion Design
Cody Mckinley and Mitch Fenneman   Design and Implementation of an Electronic System for an Off-Highway Vehicle Application
Trista Bailey, Brandon Bechtel, Ben Heber and Peter Rummel   Human-Powered Hydraulic Bicycle
Joshua Sander and Kyle Brune   Local Air Extraction System for Air Pollution Control in Poultry Houses


Biological & Food Process Engineering

Project Members   Project Title
Anna Alsman, Jessica Logo and Xiaoda Yuan   Indiana Winery Design
Aaron Dillie, James Schlueter and Carrie Barnum   Design of a Pizza Crust Process
Eric Hodgman, Chelsea Mohler and Amy Penner Design of a Soy-based Meat Analogue and its Production Plant
Dolly Mok, Elizabeth Hooper and Frisca Tandean Waste Optimization of Cheese Processing
Chad Cepeda, Amber Mac Combie and Jason Garvey   Freeze-Dried Tomato Paste


Agricultural Systems Management

Project Members   Project Title
John Kruer, Joe Conley and Adam Zeller   Assisted Flatbed Gooseneck Trailer
Brandt Erwin, Joshua Stoelting, Ryan Zook, Brian Gum, Jaret Wicker, Joe Leedy and Ryan Fischer   Basic Utility Vehicle
Logan Vaughn, Brandon Banks and Paul Stone   The Dirt Dominator
Adam Ogle, Brett Summers and Danny Haberlin   GPS Tracking in Agriculture
Scott Federer, Brent Mulder, Andy Stratton and Greg Miller   Grain Saver Device
Ryan Drake, Payton Farrer, Eric Oteham and Joe Rihm   Mechanized Vine Rake Design
Andrew McDaniel, Brent Kaufman, Ken Gibbs and Jon Thorpe   Truck Scale Systems
Richard Dile, Jr., Joseph Hartman, Clinton Stocklin and Tauren Thompson   Alternative Fuel Data Analysis


Blue : First Place Winner
Red : Second Place Winner

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