ABE Senior Capstone Projects 2012

Environmental Engineering

  Project Members Project Title/Poster Project Video


Sara McMullen, Michael Sheehan, Kaleigh Calhoun Centralized Wastewater Treatment Design, West Bank, Palestine

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  Emily Stewart, Chris Limiac, Daniel Kaelin New Lake Dam Rehabilitation  Video camera icon
  Brenda Swift, Angelica Engel, Erin Chichliowski Solar Powered Bore-hole Well and Distribution Kiosk to be Implemented in the Mathare Valley Slum outside of Nairobi, Kenya in Africa

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  Jacob Niemeier, Katherine Losekamp Two-Stage Ditch Design at Throckmorton Purdue Agricultural Center (TPAC)  Video camera icon


Ashley Beeker, Keegan Dunn Waterway design for Throckmorton-Purdue Agricultural Center (TPAC)

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Biological Engineering

  Project Members Project Title/Poster Project Video
  Jackie Hyunh, Yixi Kennedy, John Mason, Blake Tutterow Biodiesel from Algae  Video camera icon
  Tara Klobuchar, Lauren Nicholson, Bridget Williams, Jessica Zuponcic Chocolate Processing  Video camera icon
  Angela Jacquay, Carl Littrell, Margaret Korty, Courtney McWaine Concentrated Beer  Video camera icon
  Andrew Furrow, John Roesel, Molly Scherer, Aaron Trost Enzymatic Beer Production Video camera icon
  Shane Clingenpeel, Mitch Lovell, Lela Ostrowski, Amara Bojrab Freeze-Dried Salsa Video camera icon
  Harini Kadambi, Jared Schwab, Shruthri Shankar Pig/Human Islets (Encapsulation) Video camera icon
  Rachel Bredeweg, Emily Johnson, Kelly Taylor Soy Extrusion Video camera icon
  Caitlyn Crowley, Sarah DeFlora, Kaneeka Sood Soy/Corn PLA Video camera icon
  Megan Morrison, Yesha Shah, Allison Ustynosky, Kaitlyn Wolak Soytures Video camera icon

Machinery Systems

  Project Members Project Title/Poster Project Video
  Ashley Johnson, Yichen Li, Daniel Skelton, JT Welte, Jacob Wert ASABE Quarter-Scale Pulling Tractor  Video camera icon
  Tanner Gray, Nicholas Gregory, Bryan Seibert Bale Weighing  Video camera icon
  Lucas Dull, Brian Fleming, Harrison Honerkamp, Chester Magiera Basic Utility Vehicle  Video camera icon
  Aaron Younts, Evan Gordon, Brock Featherston CNH Air Supply System for Implements using Pneumatic Trailer Brake Components  Video camera icon
  Daniel Stevens, Audrey Dawson, Alexander Conner, Zachery Faylor Case-New Holland Steps/Hand Rail and Toolbox Location  Video camera icon
  Ryan Musselman, Mark Wenning, John Farrar, Dillon Kunkle Inexpensive Silage Bale Wrapper  Video camera icon
  Matthew Berger, Tyler Shields, Ian Ferch, Kevin Paul New right-hand side steps for CaseIH Magnum and New Holland T8 tractors; new toolbox location for CaseIH Magnum and New Holland T8 tractors  Video camera icon
  Jonathan Geske, John Lamneck, Mitchel Sparenberg Parker Hannifin's 2012 Chainless Challenge Video camera icon
  Ben Daily, Chris Nobbe, Ian Wooten Remote-control unit to control a John Deere 4603 tractor during vegetable crop seeding and harvest Video camera icon
  Brandon LaShure, Evan Guckien, Brayden Lesley Residential Compost Spreader Video camera icon

Grain Systems

  Project Members Project Title/Poster Project Video
  Lucas McDonald, Daniel Entile, Kurt Hubbell ADM Aeration fan controller for grain ground piles  Video camera icon
  Leo Muhlenkamp, Nicholas Boyce, Rebecca Osborne, and Brian Marlatt ADM Edible Bean Processing Facility Trainer  Video camera icon
  Derek Pullen, Anthony Knebel, Ken Evans, and Robert Blankenship CGB Three-Man Tarping System  Video camera icon