2019 ABE Senior Capstone/Senior Design Projects


Biological Engineering

  Project Members Project Title/Poster Project Video
Group 1 (Projects 1-5)  
  Barbara McAnulty, Rohit Chatterjee, Kathryn Atherton, Hannah O'Neill BE 1: Spray-Dried Greek Yogurt Video camera icon
2nd  Rebecca Carr, Meredith Rousch, Kylie Snyder BE 2: Dark Chocolate Production Video camera icon
  Ivy Crank, Trang Dieu, Brittany Reyes, Elizabeth Tedder BE 3: Creation of Riboflavin-Enhanced Probiotic Apple Juice Video camera icon
  Margaret Hegwood, Kristen Palmer, Sarah Reichstetter, Kaitlin Wendel BE 4: Low-cost, locally fortified porridge flour for improved maternal health in Kenya Video camera icon
1st Clay Bowes, Tony Hoch, Ryan Wollensak BE 5: Environmentally Sustainable Soy Supplemented IPA Video camera icon
Group 2 (Projects 6-10)
  Celine Chang, Michelle Dixon, Yun Shi, Holly Spiritoso BE 6: Alcoholic Kombucha Video camera icon
  Timothy Jergens, Giulia Olivieri, Anthony Park BE 7: Yogurt Production Video camera icon
2nd  Sarah Bell, Emily Kerstiens, Carly Richards, Gillian Smith BE 8: Water Purification Process Video camera icon
1st S. Malin Hovstadius, J. Matt Muskat, Adrian Ortiz-Velez, Calvin Wilhite BE 9: Design of an Herbal Prebiotic Tablet-A Novel Dietary Supplement Video camera icon
  Manu Bhargava, Jack Hamlin, Matthew Rodibaugh, Alex Smith BE 10: Production of a Low-Cost Low-sodium Ground Beef Jerky Video camera icon
Group 3 (Projects 11-14)
  Madalyn Alm, Daniel Hauersperger, Nathan LeRoy, Kiersten Troyer BE 11: Probiotics in an Oral Dosage Form Video camera icon
1st Mark Gee, Zuynh Nguyen, Nikita Patil, Lauren Primer BE 12: Hydroponic System for Microgreen Growth Video camera icon
2nd  Hannah G. Nisonson, Susan C. Hubbard, Yvonne Chen, Juya Jeon BE 13: What's the Scoop? Alcoholic Ice Cream Video camera icon
  Hongji Zhang BE 14: Yogurt Leather Snack Video camera icon

Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering

  Project Members Project Title/Poster Project Video
  Camila Bauer, Kiernan Kelty, Evan Pesut MS-1: Stormwater Management Design at Pickett Park Video camera icon
  Beichen Lyu, Rouyu Wang, Yifei Zhou CK-1: Quality Assessment and Organization for High-Throughput Crop Aerial Image Analysis Video camera icon
1st Joshua Nurrenbern, Ethan Smith, Hannah Hawrot, Jeremy Garst RS-1: Residential Drainage Design Video camera icon
2nd  Cassidy Brown, Maddi Jo Duvall VoH-1: Village of Hope Haiti Kitchen Garden Video camera icon
  Chloe Richard, Corey Sayles SB-3: Construction of Modified Shipping Container Hydroponic Growth Chamber  Video camera icon

Vehicle Competitions

    Project Members Project Title/Poster Project Video
  Eric Kong, Tom Heinz, Nate Purk, Jake Steinke LJ-1: ASABE 1/4-Scale Design Contest Video camera icon
1st Daniel Wagenbach, Logan Heusinger, Thomas Werstler LJ-2: MiniPUP IV (Purdue Utility Platform) Video camera icon
  Tyler Abbett, Zach English LJ-2: PUP Sprayer Team Video camera icon
  Elliott Sass, Chuyun Duan, Xinruo Wang TR-1: agBOT Challenge Video camera icon
2nd Tim Williams, Shane Koppold, Corey Fletcher, Chandler Fairfield VA-1: NFPA Fluid Power Vehicle Challenge Video camera icon

Power and Machinery

  Project Members Project Title/Poster Project Video
1st Zane Gottschalk, Lawton Houser, Benjamin Curtin, Cody Haab, Jordan Stillwell ADM-1: Skid Steer Attachment Video camera icon
  Cody Bausback, Mitchell Peterson CNH-1: Improved Door Latching Mechanism Video camera icon
  Devin Tracy, Andrew Smith, Jordan Willis, Daniel Bullerdick JD-1: Integrated Header Transport System Video camera icon
2nd  Dylan Hickey, John Hyatt, Trevor Mills OM-3: Wagon Suspension Video camera icon
  Elijah Honebrink, Rabi Shukla, Lukas Roark SC-1: Cilantro and Methi Harvester Video camera icon


2nd  Ezra Kies, Brady Need, Jacob Taylor BAY-1: Seed Bag De-palletizer Video camera icon
  Jonathan Morales, Kolt Kinsler, Seth Koester ADM-2: Introducing Drones to the Grain Industry Video camera icon
  Grant Knobloch, Dustin Paul JD-2: Header Attachment Interface Video camera icon
1st Zhesheng Huang, Zhonzhong Niu, Moyuan Han, Zhuoxi Bai JJ-1: Robotic Leaf Scanning System Video camera icon
  Travis Wehr, Zane Herr, Aaron Meyer SA-1: Hog Cooling Pad System Video camera icon