2015 ABE Senior Capstone Projects

Agricultural Systems Management

  Project Members Project Title/Poster Project Video
  Matthew Warstler and Cale Huston Combine Separator Demonstrator    
  Drew Romesberg and Jon Wint Continuously Variable Transmission  
  Jade Crum, Clint Noyes, and Jacob Diener Dixie Chopper Noise Reduction  
  Austin Guckien, Aaron Lupfer, and Logan Weiss Draper Header Loss Evaluation Video camera icon
2nd Ben Fox and Miles Biery Facility Dust Collection Survey Video camera icon
  Ethan Widenhoeft and Andrew Cupp Mobile Solar Thermal Delivery Platform Video camera icon
1st Dillon Zumwalt, John Carter, and Eric Geis Sow Cooling Pad  
  Keith Fischer, Paul Gentry, and Yun Lou Straw Strength Testing Unit Video camera icon

Biological Engineering

  Project Members Project Title/Poster Project Video
  Savannah Gadberry, Joseph Lyon, Rachel Massey, and Samuel Schaffter Balanced Bar: Programming and Process Development Video camera icon
  Zach Andor, Ryan Benczik, Yuxuan Lu, and Lorrie Newhouse Blackberry Brandy Production Video camera icon
  Taler Hayes, Michelle Wellman, Maria Thompson, and Klaire Jeffries Chetzels Video camera icon
  Ryan Homburg, Atisheel Kak, Milind Patel, and Rami Chakroun Ethanol Production from DDGS Video camera icon
  Rossy Bueno, Laura Emergy, Jill Erickson, and James Nolan Insects for Food and Feed Video camera icon
  Alok Sharma, Jiewei Wu, and Zhiqi Chen Methane Generation Using Food Waste Video camera icon
  Craig Meader, Yuezhi Wu, Jiayun Yu, and Tianqi Zhao Probiotic Fermented Milk Video camera icon
T-1st Puja Banerjee, Nidhi Menon, Katie Schwartz, and Evelyn Zaleski Profitable, Waste Reducing Plan Design for Production of Salsa  Video camera icon
T-1st Lisa DiMeo, Emily Egolf, Margot Keimig, and Alayne Meyer Purdue University Creamery  Video camera icon
  Jonathon Dance, Kavya Kumar, Coleen Riley, and Hao Ye Production of Solid-Dosage Malaria Treatment
  Betsy Benner, Al Davies, Ryan Wagner, and Swetha Vinjimoor Genetically Modified Seed Inoculant

Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering

  Project Members Project Title/Poster Project Video
1st Gavin Downs and Christopher Tito Constructed Wetland  
2nd Issac Miller, Eric Blake, Jacob Wood, and Shang Chen Excavated Pond  Video camera icon
  Sacheev Mandhle and Rebecca Werner Parking Lot Runoff Management Video camera icon
  Claire Haselhorst, Laura Johnson, and Caroline G. Kelemen Shipping Container Aquaculture in Haiti Video camera icon
  Nadya Naumann and Nicole Solitro Stormwater Management Rain Garden at Grace Church  Video camera icon

Machine Systems Engineering

  Project Members Project Title/Poster Project Video
2nd Mike Croy and Jefferson Pike Chainless Challenge  Video camera icon
  Joel Waterman Chassis Dynamometer  
  Abisoye Adebayo and Jeffery Romack Garlic Planting Cart Revision  
  Matt Minix, Levi Christman, and Justin Corl Hop Harvester  
  Nathan Buckmaster, Tyler Nannet, and Benjamin Sime Hybrid Burden Carrier  
  Kyle Trabert, Justin Gilbert, Dustin Echard, and Garrett Meents Integrated Transport System, John Deere 640FD Video camera icon
1st Kassie Coverdale and Drew Rousch Purdue Utility Project: Clutching Mechanisms  
  Keith Brown, Paul Hellwarth, and Phil Root Purdue Quarter Scale (PQS15)