2021 ABE Senior Capstone/Senior Design Projects


Agricultural Engineering and Agricultural Systems Management

    Project Members Project Title/Poster Project Video
Animal Production  
2nd Hilal Kesim, Benjamin Geyer, Hunter Magiera, Brooks Royal ML-1, Maple Leaf Farms Feed Monitoring System for Ducks Video camera icon
1st Xinhe Xie SB-5, Design of Poultry Meat Facility at the Village of Hope School - Haiti Video camera icon
  Ross Pearson, Abigail McGregor, Travis Lineback SB-8, New Design for Hog Cooling Pad with Durable Materials Video camera icon
Crop Production  
1st Dustin Brown, Noah Miller, Brendon Sasser, Garret Smith JD-1, Real-time Stubble Height Measurements Video camera icon
  Alex Kerby, Benn Watts, Mason Johnson, Patrick Weitzel PUP-4, Multi-Crop Thresher Video camera icon
2nd Taran Brown, Andy Holbert, Evan Lehr SB-4, Improvements to the ABE Separator Demonstrator Vehicle V Video camera icon
  David Taylor, Austin Erdman, Chase Gripp AR-1, Internet of Things Systems for Improved Agriculture Decision Making Video camera icon
1st Shiying Chen, Ziyuan Cheng, Chen Fang, Zifeng Huang PUP-1, Remote Data Monitoring and Tracking System for AgRover Utility Vehicles Video camera icon
2nd Rundong Peng, Daizong Wu, Tianzhang Zhao PUP-2, Data Collection System for AgRover Utility Vehicles Video camera icon
  Dariush Amir-Aslani, Katrina Balon, Margaret Levell, Damon Weatherholt AF-1, Urban Agriculture Irrigation Project for the Food Insecure Video camera icon
2nd Megan Casey, Grace Filley, Joshua Miller, Blake Richter BFS-1, Hobart, IN - Trail Culvert and Stream Flooding Improvements Video camera icon
1st Robert Hazen, Garrett Illa, Sam Mailand, Lindsey Nielsen NRCS-2, Craig Pond Video camera icon
2nd Ryan Bonaparte, Daniel Ludwin, Ratchaphak "James" Tantisanghirun NFPA-1, Fluid Power Vehicle Challenge Video camera icon
1st Ben Chambers, Chaela Minor, Grant Miller PQS-1, ASABE Quarter-Scale Tractor


  Hannah Boland, Alex Kuhn, Stephen Parker PUP-3, Hydraulic Transmission with High/Low/Clutch/PTO Capability Video camera icon

Biological Engineering

  Rachel Baehl, Serena Birdinc, Connor Jones, Korie McCrea Group 4, Boiler Burger - Vegetarian Burger Video camera icon
Tie-1st Elijah Cline, Marina Mehling, Remington Wilson Group 8, Large-Scale Production of Isoflavone-free Soymilk Video camera icon
  Laura Libera, Alexis Schmidt, Bailey Skidmore Group 10, Vegan Cheese from Pea Milk Video camera icon
Tie-1st Katelyn Bormett, Sammi Logan, Peyton Shafer, Rebecca Stanton Group 12, Gluten-Free Pasta Manufacturing Video camera icon
1st Emily Lintott, Kasey Martineau, Jacob Riedel Group 1, Blackberry Peach Ale Video camera icon
  Josh Parcel, Kevin Massa, Ben Howard Group  2, Synthetic Muscle Video camera icon
  Rachel Dange, Shruthi Garimella, Emma Lietzke Group 5, Zero-Waste Water Purification System for Urban Apartment Complex Video camera icon
  Kathryn Myers, Andrea Pegg, Rachel Thomas Group 11, KARAquaponics: Accessible Aquaponics Video camera icon
1st Morgan Callin, Jacob Renfrow, Gabrielle Selvia, Taylor Sorrell Group 3, Probiotic Tablet for Digestive Health Video camera icon
  Grant Barrett Group  6, Pharmaceutical Production Plant Video camera icon
  Kasia Ashwill, Jiwon Choi, Estefania Martinez, Lauren Oparah Group 7, SMART Bandages: Drug Release Hydrogel Video camera icon