2020 ABE Senior Capstone/Senior Design Projects


Biological Engineering

  Project Members Project Title/Poster Project Video
Food Products  
  Rachel Eaton, Grace Enamorado, Catherine Nagy, Madeline O'Neill Team 1, Protein-Fortified Gluten-Free Bread Video camera icon
  Yunji Hong, Yeejin Jang, Eung Baek Kim, Austin Larson Team 2, Utilization of Sweet Potatoes for Starch and Sweet Potato Chips Video camera icon
2nd Kate Carpenter, Janice Chan, Sarah Liu, Aadarsh Patel Team 4, Choo Choo Ice Pops: Production of Vegan Avocado Black Bean Video camera icon
1st Casey Bomrad, Sanya Gupta, Elle Hellwarth, Devany Harrell Team 9, Banana-Based Nice Cream Video camera icon
  Haley Adams, Kevin Fitzgerald, Lauren Nash Team 10, Everything but the Kitchen Sink Baby Food Video camera icon
Bio Process
1st Deb Hughes, Mika Reuhs, Reed Trende, Zonghao Zhang Team 3, Extracting the Antimalarial Artemisinin from A. annua Video camera icon
  Emma Misicko, Jenna Greene, Christina Sanchez, Jeff Lin Team 5, Solar Drying of Rice Video camera icon
  Chao Fu, Eunhui Yoo, Mai Liu, Zihan Gao Team 7, Brewer's Spent Grain Paper Video camera icon
2nd Daniela Antunez, Sean McCormick, Lauren Neuwirth, Jessica Salinas Team 8, Industrial Grade Lactic Acid from Sugar Cane Juice Video camera icon
  Josh Coulson, Russell House, Misbah Chagpar Team 11, Edible Drinking Straw Video camera icon
Fermented Beverages
  Elena Haskins, Joey Krampen, Ashley Otero, Jayden Rosen Team 6, Probiotic Boba for Use in Food and Beverages Video camera icon
2nd Zachary Bergland, Nathan Everett, Yashwan Kalainesan, Jacob Smith Team 12, Brot Beer: Alcohol-Free Beer from Baked Goods Video camera icon
  Sean Magill, Ethan Gaskin, Aderonke Jackson, Evan Martin Team 13, The Bone Beer, A novel Non-Alcoholic Milk Stout, Supplemented with Calcium Video camera icon
1st Nicholas Fields Team 14, Production of Artisanal Brandy Video camera icon

Agricultural Engineering and Agricultural Systems Management

    Project Members Project Title/Poster Project Video
Environmental and Natural Resources  
  Shuyi Peng, Jingyuan Li ISA-1, Purdue Student Soybean Innovation Competition Video camera icon
  Youssef Karam, Jerod Putt, Henry Terhune SB-3, Improvements to the ABE Modified Hydroponic Shipping Container Video camera icon
2nd Lingxi Shi, Bryant Hartanto YY-1, Bench-top Imaging System for Plant Phenotyping Video camera icon
1st Theresa Ingermann, Billy Sipes, Maiqi Zhang NC-1, Nature Conservancy Pond-Stream Rehabilitation Project Video camera icon
  Matthew Baker, Kayley Hodson, Qijue Chen MT-1, Monon High Bridge Trail Streambank Erosion Video camera icon
Ag Machinery  
  Mitchell Moore, Aaron Shwarts agBOT-1, agBOT-1 Video camera icon
  Ilyas Yilgor, Yixuan Liu, Nicholas Formica NFPA-1, Fluid Power Vehicle Challenge Video camera icon
  George Fontenot, Collin Lynch, Jon Neff, Adam Harnder PQS-2, ASABE Quarter Scale Tractor (Iron Team - Driveline & Structure) Video camera icon
1st Alec  Watkins, Riley Garner, Hanlu Li PUP-1, Remote Data Monitoring and Tracking System for AgRover Utility Vehicles Video camera icon
2nd Jonathan Bradway, Adam Hemmelgarn, Tyler Rowland, Brennan Straub PUP-4, Multi-Crop Thresher Video camera icon
Crop Production    
  Kyle J. Schafer, William P. Malecki, Evan C. Brouyette, Brice R. Rekeweg ICS-1, Seed transfer at The Indiana Corn and Soybean Innovation Center Video camera icon
1st Bryna Ferrara, Trent Stichter, Tyler Coon JD-1, Grain Quality Sampling Video camera icon
2nd Jordan Grant, Connor Cuskaden JD-2, Ground Sample Cleaning Video camera icon
  Devon Beiswager, Kraig Tumey, Nick Wilson SB-1, Construction of ABE Hydraulic Equipment Demonstration Units Video camera icon
  Christopher Stichter, Jacob Shoufler SB-5, Design of a Heat Rejection System for the Purdue Hog Cooling Pad Video camera icon