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2017 ABE Senior Capstone/Senior Design Projects

Bioprocess Engineering

  Project Members Project Title/Poster Project Video
  Kristen Hendricks, Christopher Long, Levi Jackson Designing a Whiskey Distillation Facility Video camera icon  
1st Sana Chughtai, Lydia Furrow, Meilin Jiang, Nathan Sprgg Hard Apple Cider Production Video camera icon
2nd Ryan Drehs, Don Hoban, Alexis Laureano, Cody Spoolstra Manufacturing Design and Economic Analysis of Powdered Alcohol Production Video camera icon
  Mark Aronson, Daniel Glass, Albern Tan, Hanna Tso Microsphere Fabrication Video camera icon
  Michael Dexheimer, Ivanna Gomez, Sara Greensfelder, Nick Palchef Purdue Student-Run Microbrewery Research Lab Video camera icon

Environmental & Natural Resources Engineering

2nd Sherly Chen, Stephan Kines, Neil Underwood, Stephan Ussery Drainage Water Recycling Video camera icon
  Jack Bowis, Jake Allrich Haitian Power Project II Video camera icon
  Matthew Simpson, Zhangxuan Liu Hopkins Family Park 5-Year Plan Recommendations Video camera icon
  Evan Bourne, Joel Hawbaker, Luke Schnur Fertilizer Facility Design Video camera icon
1st Grace Baldwin Master Plan Demonstration Farm (Lake Bosomtwe, Ghana) Video camera icon
  Megan Shivley, Feiyi Du Solar Powered Irrigation Pump Video camera icon

Food Engineering

  Project Members Project Title/Poster Project Video
  Ashton Tipton, Lauren Bailey, Alyssa Christoffer Deactivation of Lipase in Pearl Millett Video camera icon
  Henry Clarke, Ethan Lenn, Sarah Reaves, Kimberly Wylin Fluidized Bed Roasting of Malt  Video camera icon
  Haley Berner, Darcie Gorsuch, Zach Oberhaus, Cameron Smith Design and Production of the Whole 6 Bar Video camera icon
  Michelle Bonahoom, Hannah Cook, Paige Hiday High Fiber Nutrition Drink Video camera icon
  James Chappa, Collin Felten, Bruce Zhang Freeze Dried Yogurt Bears  Video camera icon

Product Handling & Processing

  Project Members Project Title/Poster Project Video
  Andrew Schwinn, Ladam Luhnow Bin Unloader  Video camera icon
  Austin Gantzert, Klayton Jasinski Combine Separator Demonstration Unit Video camera icon
2nd Jared Cates, Tyler Smith, Braydon Kitchel Corn Wind Loading Video camera icon
  Vittorio Bressani Malt Roasting Video camera icon
1st Andrew Huang, Anderson Smith Student Soybean Product Innovation Competition Video camera icon
  Jacob Miller, Grant Schuler Wagon Suspension II Video camera icon

Sensors & Electronics

    Project Members Project Title/Poster Project Video
2nd Ryan Romanowski, Zhihang Song, Cole Mundell agBOT Challenge: Weed & Feed  
  Jacob Price, Dan Ding ASABE Robotics Video camera icon
  Justin Geis, Alec Sipes Autogenic Data: Mobile Manure Application Video camera icon
  Clayton Badskey, Ross Fox Benchtop Electrical Trainers Video camera icon
  Austin Bitting Dynamometer for ASM 420 Motor Testing Lab Video camera icon
1st Luke Schmit, David Hobbs GKN Universal Joint Temperature Sensor Video camera icon


  Paige Weber, Seth Metcalf CaterpillarD8T LGP Machine Access

Video camera icon

1st Amelia Lindsay, Alacyn Cox John Deere Tie-Rod Video camera icon
2nd Nolan Monhollen, Zach Horn MiniPUP II Utility Vehicle Video camera icon
  Zhengpu Chen, Yizhou Mao NFPA Fluid Power Vehicle Challenge: PurdueTracer Video camera icon
  Austin Bossaer, Derek Franke, James Marschand, Zach Hurd 1/4-Scale Tractor Video camera icon
  Brandon Ames, Matthew Murdock Tractor Disassembly Video camera icon