Anaerobic Digestion Technology (ADT)

Indiana generates tremendous amount of animal manure and other organic wastes, which could negatively affect water and air quality. Anaerobic digestion can convert these wastes to renewable energy, reduce environmental pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, and generate economic and multiple social benefits.

The current anaerobic digestion systems in Indiana approximately generate 30 MW power and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by >280,000 tons per year. The potential energy from animal manure alone is equivalent nearly 10 billion cubic feet of natural gas per year.

This website is designed to provide technical, economic, environmental and regulatory information related to anaerobic digestion.


Anaerobic Digester Technology and Its Implementation in Indiana (ppt file 2MB)

anaerobic digestion in indiana

Renewable energy from manure digester powers trucks at Fair Oaks Farms, Indiana.

Micro-turbines runs on biogas to generate electricity at City of West Lafayette Wastewater Utility, Indiana.

Digester at Culver Duck Farms, Indiana

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