ABE Senior Capstone Projects 2013

Biological Engineering

  Project Members Project Title/Poster Project Video
  Amy Lukens, Sarah Stanford, Venecia Wilson Couscous Production in Africa Video camera icon  
  Taylor Faivor, Eric Myers Ethanol Fermentation Plant Design Video camera icon
2nd Leah Liston, Christina Millhouse, Jessica Sigurdson Extruding for a Better World Video camera icon
  Xue Cao, Emilia Czyszczon, Yi Hu, Fangzhong Wei Microparticle Encapsulation Video camera icon
  Chelsea Betz, Elizabeth Lomauro, Erin Sellman Pasta Processing Video camera icon


Adam Albright, Margaret Busse, Madeline Cox, Sean Kearney Production of Soy-Based Yogurt Video camera icon

Environmental Engineering

  Project Members Project Title/Poster Project Video
  Amanda Brock Todd's Creek Bank Stabilization  Video camera icon
1st Alex Jordon, Grant Knies International Water Project: Earthen Dam  Video camera icon
  Lauren Trepanier, Nicholas Jayne International Water Project: Sand Filter
2nd Morgan Jarrett, Andrew Seifert, Ross St. Clair Student Farm Irrigation
  Paige Erickson, Tyler Anderson, Adam Hendrickson TPAC Subsurface Drainage System Design

Grain Systems

  Project Members Project Title/Poster Project Video
2nd Carter Morgan, Ben Ortman, Austin White ADM State Line Facility Update  Video camera icon
  Drew Rush, Ashlee McCray, Alyssa McCray Grain Facility Design  Video camera icon
1st Weston Lively, Matt Koester, Matt McCarthy Barge Draft Reader  Video camera icon

Machine Systems

  Project Members Project Title/Poster Project Video
  Chaowei Liu, David Wilson BUV Driveline and Frame Design  Video camera icon
  Lincoln Gaston, Jacob Stevens, J.D. Hoehn BUV: Tillage Analysis  Video camera icon
  Caleb Leibering, Dane Buuck, Matt Fox Conversion of Foot-Activated Controls for John Deere 345 Mower  Video camera icon
  Justin Moffitt, Austin Woodward, Jason Bannon Laboratory Drive-Train IVT Trainer Video camera icon
1st Alex Thyen, Eli Fred, Tom Blackwell Low-Cost Planter for the BUV Video camera icon
2nd HannahJoy Pheasant, Thad Wysong Maize Grinder for Africa Video camera icon
  Cameron Ivey, Ben Wenning, Alex Caldwell Three-Point Weed Puller Video camera icon