2004 Senior Capstone Projects

Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Project Members Project Title
Allison Craddock, Tom Gormley, Jessica Tempest, Erin Wenger (1st) Flood Plain Delineation of Indiana Streams
Justin Dougherty, Traever Guingrich, Scott Nipple (2nd) Quarter-Scale Tractor Pull Sled
Brandon Loftus Bactericide Detector for H2O Systems
John Gallien Design of an Early Detection Method for Emerald Ash Borer
Natsuko Shiomi Design of Inscentometer

Biological & Food Process Engineering

Project Members Project Title
Travis Harpenau, Jenny Ketchmark, Leah Maxwell (1st) Bean Processing: Recycling and Conversion of Wastewater
Sara Layman, Joy Bulthouse, Kelly Vandeman (2nd) Texturized Soy Protection Meat Analogs for Long-Term Space Mission
Shane Foley Low Clump Reconstitution of Powdered Infant Formula>
Alex Chou, Linda Indrawati, Lo Niee Liew Powdered Yogurt Drink
Emily Buening, Sara Fischer, Darcy Green Process and Plant Design of Low-Carb Bagel Production
Bob Peart, Jennifer Couch, Brian Stamper Recovery of Lactic Acid from Pickle Process Wastewater

Agricultural Systems Management

Project Members Project Title
Jake Walker, Aaron Weinhold, Adam Duff (1st) Computerized Tillage System Calculator
Brian Bauman, Jennifer Stamper, Jeremy Dixon, Dan Lienhoop (2nd) Adoption of Precision Guidance Technologies
Greg Swank, Kyler Knotts, Lanty Armstrong, Jeremiah Faulk, David Lee Case IH AFX Combine Simulator
Brent Cox, Lee Franklin, Kent Schroeder Grain Aeration System Design ADM, Beech Grove, IN
Chris Cobble, Zach Martin, Scott Strickland, Eric Walters Electrostatic Spray Delivery System Utilizing Pneumatic Conveyance
Brandon Shreves, Michael Gregg Improved Data Collection for ATC Ground Pressure Sensors
Andrew Sekel, Kevin Gillespie, Kyle Holt, Jonathan Everhart JOMA Acres Grain Facility
Tim Kilmer Mid-Tech GPS Variable Rate Sprayer

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