Static and Dynamic Analysis of Structures

J.F. Doyle

Static and Dynamic Analysis of Structures book cover
  • ISBN: 0-7923-1124-8
  • Publisher: Kluwer, The Netherlands
  • Date: 1991
  • Table of Contents

This book is concerned with the static and dynamic analysis of structures. Specifically, it uses the stiffness formulated matrix methods for use on computers to tackle some of the fundamental problems facing engineers in structural mechanics. This is done by covering the mechanics to structures, its rephrasing in terms of the matrix methods and then their computational implementation, all within a cohesive setting.

Although the book is designed primarily as a text for use at the undergraduate and beginning graduate level, many practicing structural engineers will find it useful as a reference and self-study guide. Each chapter is supplemented collection of pertinent problems that indicate extensions of the theory and the applications. These problems, combined with selected referenced to relevant literature, can form the basis for further study.

This book sets as its goal the treatment of structural dynamics starting with the basic mechanics and going all the way to their implementation on digital computers. Rather than discuss particular commercial packages, Professor Doyle has developed STADYN: a complete (but lean) program to perform each of the standard procedures used in commercial programs. Each module in the program is reasonably complete in itself, and all were written with the sole aim of clarity plus a modicum of efficiency, compactness and elegance.

A complete listing of the source codes to these modules is included in the appendix of the book. The electronic form is also available.