Center for Surface Engineering and Enhancement

Purdue University's vision to be the leading industry-university research alliance for the metal surface finishing industry isthe Center for Surface Engineering and Enhancement (C-SEE). The goals of the center are to serve consortium members’ needs, establish a knowledge base, and educate the future leaders of the industry.

The research capabilities of C-SEE are available to industries and government agencies. Pre-competitive research is available to member groups as well as specific and proprietary research for individual organizations. The program offers access to test equipment, research staff and disciplines that most companies do not have.

Research will be defined by the participating groups or organizations. The research will be conducted by undergraduate and graduate students seeking industry positions and the research programs will be under the leadership of member selected Purdue faculty.

David Bahr, PhD, Professor and Head of Materials Engineering. Mr. Bahr’s research spans a range of materials reliability issues, from hydrogen embrittlement to high-strain MEMS, to dislocation nucleation in metals.

Gary Cheng, PhD, Associate Professor, School of Industrial Engineering. Mr. Cheng’s research is in laser materials processing and materials processing, microsystems technology and nanostructured materials in manufacturing.

Michael Sangid, PhD, Associate Professor, School of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Mr. Sangid’s expertise lies at the confluence of materials science, solid mechanics, and manufacturing.

Electronics Inc. has collaborated with Purdue on the development of C-SEE and will be funding research on three projects related to shot peening. “As a Purdue alumnus, I am pleased and honored to be a part of the C-SEE program. As a manufacturer, I’m eager to have access to research on topics that have interested me for years. Finally, theory will become practice and we will be able to commercialize these ideas,” said Jack Champaigne, President of Electronics Inc.

If you are interested in learning more about C-SEE, please contact Mark Gruninger at