Facility Overview

Characterization facility laboratory rooms are listed along with the appropriate faculty contact/equipment and required listserv (mailing list) links, if applicable.

Research labs require approval from the designated faculty member for lab and equipment access and, as indicated, require listserv (mailing list) subscription.

Lab facilites fall under one of two safety designations: Hazard Communication (HAZCOM) and Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP) and are indicated as such.

Characterization Labs

ARMS 2093  (XRD, Desktop SEM, GDS)  HAZCOM   
ARMS B206 (Nanofluidics) CHP  
ARMS B214 (Soft Materials) CHP [listserv]
ARMS B216 (Nanoindenter) HAZCOM  
ARMS B218 (FESEM) HAZCOM [listserv]
ARMS B220 (Rheology) HAZCOM  
ARMS B222 (SEM, Sputter Coater) HAZCOM  
ARMS B227 (Raman Spectroscopy) HAZCOM  
ARMS B229 (TEM) HAZCOM [listserv]

Research Labs

ARMS 2099 (Krane) HAZCOM  
ARMS 2103 (Handwerker) CHP  
ARMS 2109 (Stanciu) CHP  
ARMS 2172 (Zhang, Youngblood)  HAZCOM   
ARMS B146 (Trice) HAZCOM  
ARMS B146A  (Trice) CHP  
ARMS B160 (Youngblood) CHP [listserv]
ARMS B175 (Howarter) HAZCOM  
ARMS B206 (Martinez) CHP  
ARMS B214 (Erk/Youngblood) CHP [listserv]
MSEE 389/391  (Wang) CHP  
MSEE 396 (Ramanathan) CHP [listserv]

Teaching (Key Fee) Labs

ARMS 2130  (Optical and Mechanical Testing)   HAZCOM   
ARMS 2132 (Polishing and Etching) CHP [listserv]
ARMS 2136 (Sectioning and Cutting) HAZCOM [listserv]
ARMS 2138 (Processing) CHP  
ARMS 2160 (Heat Treatment) HAZCOM [listserv]
ARMS 2170 (Powder Processing) HAZCOM [listserv]
ARMS 2191 (Mechanical Testing) HAZCOM