Laboratory Policies

Obey all posted signs and instructions regarding:

  • Safety and equipment procedures
  • Proper lab attire
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Equipment training
  • Equipment andlLab listservs


  • Clean up your work area before you leave a workspace
  • Cluttered workspaces can both pose a hazard and interfere with research productivity
  • Properly dispose of waste in accordance to REM policies

Do not remove ANY tools or equipment without department permission

Card Access:

  • Card access to a room applies ONLY to the cardholder
  • You are responsible for the actions of any unauthorized person you allow into a lab
  • Faculty authorization is required for access to all Research Labs

Reporting Equipment Damage:

  • There is no penalty (financial, academic, or otherwise) for lab accidents
  • However, if a lab accident occurs and there is equipment damage that is not reported, the responsible parties will be banned from MSE lab spaces


Laboratory Access Requirements and Restrictions

  • Lab access is restricted for those with a legitimate research need for access to all requested facilities.
  • Lab access applies ONLY to the individual requesting access; users are responsible for the actions of anyone they let into a lab facility.
  • Labs with an email listserv require subscription for all users.
  • Undergraduates are restricted to 8:00-5:00 access, Monday-Friday. Graduate and other researchers are granted 24-hr access, 7 days a week.
  • Note: the Teaching labs have a monthly access fee ($100/month for MSE students, $150/month for non-MSE students); this is a flat fee that covers use of all Teaching labs and does not change with the number of labs requested.
  • Lab access will be updated to accommodate researchers' needs as best as possible; however, due to the high volume of requests, it will not be immediate. Plan 1-2 weeks ahead to minimize delays.