Chemical Etching

Chemical etching may be necessary to reveal microstructure, or to prepare a specimen surface for testing and characterization. Electropolishing avoids issues with surface deformation present in mechanical polishing and/or interaction with water and other polishing media. All chemical etching must be performed in a chemical fume hood according to the safety requirements of the Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP).

Some etchants are have highly restricted use due to safety concerns. Discuss use of these materials with the MSE Safety Committee prior to using in the lab.

Safety Requirements for Entry into the Polishing Lab (2132)

Safety Training Level 3: Click this link for more information.

Electronic Submission of the Hazardous Materials Pickup Request Form to

From the Laboratory Safety page:

  • Go to the REM link for "Waste Disposal including pickup procedures"
  • Click on the Pickup Procedures
  • Read the instructions and fill out the Hazardous Materials Pickup Request Form
  • Click on the PDF Submission option
  • Save the PDF as a separate document, fill it out, and email it as an attachment to (PHYSICAL COPIES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED)
  • Note: Fill out the room the waste is located in. The department code is NOT NECESSARY
  • If you have questions, call REM at 765-494-6371

Equipment and Facilities

Fume Hood in ARMS 2132