Laboratory Safety

MSE Laboratory Safety

In order to request access to any MSE lab space, please use the following link to enroll and complete safety training. If you have any issues or to be enrolled via Brightspace, please email Jenni Fifer at

MSE Lab Safety Brightspace Page

Required Safety Training includes:

  • Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP) Training through Vivid Learning
  • COVID-19 Prevention Module - Comprehensive Training through REM
  • MSE Specific Training through Blackboard

Other Resources

  • Report A Safety Issue
    • Talk to the PI of the lab space
    • Talk to the safety officer (Jenni Fifer,
    • Talk to the safety chair (Kendra Erk,
    • Email

In Case of Emergency

DIAL 911 if there is an emergency

College of Engineering Injury Action List

Additional Treatment information from REM

Additional Campus Safety Resources

Purdue Emergency Procedures Guide

Sign up for the Purdue Alert System