Adrian Herrera-Amaya

Penn Sate University

Adrian Herrera-Amaya

Adrian Herrera-Amaya earned his bachelor’s degree (2015) and master’s degree (2017), in mechanical engineering from the University of Guanajuato, Mexico. He is a current PhD student in mechanical engineering at Pennsylvania State University (PSU). His research is based in Fluid-Structure Interactions (FSI), which play an essential role in the performance of vital systems. His most recent concentration is millimeter-scale animal swimming. Adrian is a teaching assistant at PSU in the undergraduate fluid flow course, and while studying in Mexico, he was the instructor for courses in differential equations, solid mechanics, and statics and mechanics of materials. He is a two-time recipient of the CONACYT Research Fellowship as well as the Keefauver Scholarship in Engineering. He has served as a graduate researcher with the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences and Aragon Institute of Engineering Research, University of Zaragoza, Spain, and as an undergraduate research assistant at Micro and Nanotechnology Research Center, Microna, Mexico, and at the University of Texas at Dallas. He plans to establish a research program focused on Bioinspired Fluid-Structure Interactions (BioFSI), focusing on the interaction between compliant structures and complex flows. As a future professor, he will provide content in as many ways as possible, including detailed notes, in-class video recordings, and other multimedia enrichment, to facilitate multimodal learning. 

Research Interests

Bioinspired Fluid-Solid Interactions