Information about your Pay

If you have opted to receive a stipend during the program period, you will be paid monthly. Please identify your home business office from the contact list. Your home business office is in the department where you will be conducting research. For example, if you are an ECE student but are conducting research with a Physics professor, then your home business office is the Physics Department. Your business office contact person will be able to answer questions you may have about your pay.

Purdue requires that all payments be made through direct deposit, so please be sure to complete the necessary forms with your business office. Students will receive four payments during the summer. For the first payment date, please check with your business office for the exact date. The other payments will be received at the end of June, July, and August.

If you have opted to receive credit for your research, contact your academic advisor to register for the appropriate independent research course in your department.

International students participating for pay must update their Glacier file. If you do not have a Glacier file, contact your business office. If you have specific questions about tax liability, contact Purdue’s tax department, 765-494-1697.