Congratulations to all 137 SURF students!

The 11-week SURF program culminated with a Research Symposium in Armstrong Hall of Engineering where students presented their research and learned about the exciting research conducted by their peers over the summer. Throughout the day, 50 oral presentations were made and 87 research posters presented. The abstract book is available here.

At the SURF banquet on August 3, five outstanding oral presenters and ten poster presenters were recognized.


Outstanding Research Talks

Kristoffer Sjolund, Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Properties of Interlocking Assemblies on a Rhombille Tiling
Professor Thomas Siegmund, Mechanical Engineering
Kayli DeCocker, Materials Engineering
Processing and Characterization of Poly(vinyl alcohol) Compatibilized Cellulose Nanocrystals/Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol Copolymer Nanocomposites
Professor John Howarter, Materials Engineering
Elizabeth Bell, Chemical Engineering
InGaN/GaN/ZnO Thermoelectric Properties
Professor Luna Lu, Civil Engineering
Andrew Ulmer, Computer Engineering
Investigating Dataset Distinctiveness
Professor Yung-Hsiang Lu, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Nicklaus Iavagnilio, Biomedical Engineering
Characterization and Quantification of Fibrin Gel Mechanics with Fibroblast Invasion
Professor Adrian Buganza-Tepole, Mechanical Engineering

Outstanding Research Posters

Sidharth Krishnamoorthi, Materials Engineering
Solid Solution Strengthened Fe Alloys
Professor Xinghang Zhang, Materials Engineering
Molly Schrager, Civil Engineering
High Performance Mortar with 100% Recycled Aggregate using Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles
Professor Mirian Velay-Lizancos, Civil Engineering
Adam Patel, Aeronautical & Astronautical Engineering
Experimental Evaluation of a Krypton Propellant Arrangement in a T-100-3 Hall-Effect Thruster
Professor Alexey Shashurin, Aeronautical & Astronautical Engineering
Kousei Richeson, Computer Science
Developing Successful iOS Applications
Professor Trevor Stamper, Entomology
Shulin Wang, Biomedical Engineering
Bacteria Movement Near Surfaces
Professor Arezoo Ardekani, Mechanical Engineering
Sui Shen, Biomedical Engineering
Design Modifications for a Small, Affordable Low Intensity Focused Ultrasound Device
Professor Pedro Irazoqui, Biomedical Engineering
Xe Jin Chan, Electrical Engineering
SPICE based compact model for electrical switching of antiferromagnet
Professor Pramey Upadhyaya, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Richard Brookes, Aeronautical & Astronautical Engineering
Flow Measurement Using Electron Beam Flourescence
Professor Alina Alexeenko, Aeronautical & Astronautical Engineering
Daniel Wesenberg, Biochemistry
Engineering DUB-deficient Viral Proteases from FIPV and PEDV Coronaviruses
Professor Andrew Mesecar, Biochemistry
Rishabh Ramsisaria, Computer Science
Purdue Air Sense: A Methodology for Improving the Accuracy of Ambient Aerosol Mass Concentration and Size Distribution Measurement with Low-Cost Optical Sensing Techniques
Professor Brandon Boor, Civil Engineering