Module 1 – Getting Started

The SURF program requires that each participant have two mentors: a faculty member advisor (i.e. the professor in charge of the research group) and a graduate student mentor. If you do not yet have a graduate mentor, ask your faculty advisor if you will be working with one.

When beginning any research project, there are initial steps that one should follow when working under another researcher (i.e. your graduate mentor or faculty advisor). If you are working with  a mentor for the first time, you will need to develop a strong relationship with them right from the beginning. Most problems in the mentor-student relationship are the result of misunderstandings of each party's expectations. Also, as you begin to work in a laboratory for the first time, you will need to be aware of many important safety issues so that you are protected while conducting research there.

In this module, you will learn some tips on developing a good working relationship with your research mentor so that you are able to get the most out of you research experience. You will also learn how to seek out proper training so that you can work safely in the lab, and what you should do in the case of an emergency.

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