Joshua Harley

IT Infrastructure Manager

Office: EE 270
Phone: (765) 494-4326

Unit and Group Affiliations


Josh Harley started his career at ECN while still a Purdue Student. Josh was originally a web technician in the ECN Web Pool, where he helped develop and maintain the ECN website. In December of 1997, Josh graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. Soon after graduation, Josh moved up the ECN ladder to Assistant Computer Systems Analyst for the Civil Engineering Department. Josh has been with the Civil Engineering Department for over six years now, and has since moved up to the position of Manager of Computing Facilities. The Louisville native has also held many diverse positions outside of Purdue. From mechanic to warehouse assistant, Josh has done it all.

As Manager of Computing Facilities, Josh is a vital resource for the Civil Engineering Department. Josh's group is responsible for finding the solution to any problems that users experience while using Civil Engineering computers. Most of these problems are reported through the Civil Engineering queue, but Josh also handles walk-ins and phone calls. Most of the problems that users encounter involve using Windows applications or utilizing services provided by ECN. Common questions that Josh answers on a daily basis include "How do I map a network drive?" and "Why can't I get this to print?" If there is a known solution to the problem, Josh quickly points the user to the corresponding document. If it is a new problem that needs to be researched, Josh can assign the task to his assistant or a student employee. Because there is a constant flow of questions, Josh has little time to do anything else while he is at work.

When all of the day's questions have been answered, Josh uses his time to update the Civil Engineering Website. One project that Josh has made time for is the Civil Engineering webcam. When construction started on the Robert L. and Terry L. Bowen Laboratory for Large-Scale Civil Engineering Research two years ago, Josh was in charge of setting up a webcam to monitor the process. Now that the building is complete, Josh will move the webcam to a new location inside of the laboratory. From solving an email problem to updating the website, Josh's position offers a wide variety of daily tasks. Working on different projects each day keeps the job interesting for Josh.

After work Josh enjoys spending time with his wife, Amy, and their daughter, Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn recently turned three, and her parents are happily watching her transition from a baby into a little person. The Harleys spend family time together by taking long rides on their bicycles. Josh also likes the outdoors and rollerblading, but these days he gets much of his exercise by chasing Kaitlyn around the house and pushing her on their swing set. A former member of his high school's track team, Josh has recently started running again. Josh is now training to run a mini-marathon in the spring, an event he has not participated in for over twelve years.

Whether he is researching the solution to a new problem at work or watching Kaitlyn achieve one of her many "firsts," no two days are the same for Josh.