Professional Renewal In Maximizing Excellence (PRIME) Grant


The purpose of the PRIME Grant is to recognize, encourage and award resources to individuals in the College of Engineering who wish to pursue professional development activities that will contribute to achieving career goals.

  • Eligibility: The grant is open to all administrative & operational support, skilled trades, professional, and management staff in the College of Engineering with at least a half-time appointment and at least one year of continuous service to the College of Engineering as a permanent employee. Staff members who provide at least 75% of their effort in service to the College of Engineering are eligible for the PRIME Grant. Grant recipients must be employees of College of Engineering at the time the grant is announced. Applicants should consistently receive at least “meets expectations” performance rating on performance reviews, and must have endorsement from their supervisor, as well as approval from their head or associate dean. The following criteria should be considered when submitting the application for the grant:


  • Overall thoroughness of application and resume/CV
  • Strength of case made by applicant to illustrate how the professional development activity will help both the applicant’s career and Purdue, and the strength of supervisor’s recommendation.   


  • In 2023, the call for applications will be sent by the Dean’s Staff Affairs Committee (DSAC) by August 7th, and will be due by September 8th. Awards will be announced by October 2nd.
  • Eligible staff complete application for the PRIME Grant, obtaining the necessary signatures.
  • Up to ten (10) individuals in the College may be awarded a grant each year.
  • A grant may not be given to the same individual more than once in a five (5) year period.
  • Selections will be made by the Dean’s Staff Affairs Committee (DSAC). DSAC members are not eligible to receive a grant while they serve on the committee.
  • Each grant recipient will be reimbursed up to $1,500* and will be able to use up to five (5) days for this work-related professional development opportunity. These resources should be used by the end of FY 2024 (June 30, 2024) (an extension can be granted for extenuating circumstances).
  • Funds for the grant come from the College of Engineering ($1,000) and the employee’s unit ($500). Employees and their supervisor agree upon when time is taken to pursue this activity.
  • Once the grant has been used, the individual will submit a brief summary describing how the grant was used and how it professionally benefitted them. 

Materials to be submitted in the application

A completed application form, with the appropriate signatures, along with updated resume/CV.

Questions and completed applications should be sent to Will Sondgerath, Assistant Dean for Staff, at

* Staff who have travel cards can pay for the approved professional development item and expense it to the appropriate PRIME account. For staff who do not have a travel card, they may work with their business office, which can authorize payment directly to the payee, or can reimburse the staff member for their approved professional development expenses.