PESLA Cohort 2.0

PESLA Cohort 2.0

PESLA Cohort 2.0 Graduation and Cohort 3.0 Introduction


Janet Beagle

Janet Beagle

Senior Director of Graduate Programs, CoE

Marsha Freeland

Marsha Freeland

Director, Faculty Success Programs, CoE

Nina Robinson

Nina Robinson

Administrative Director, EEE

Will Sondgerath

Will Sondgerath

Assistant Dean for Staff & Director of Administration, CoE

Eric VandeVoorde

Eric VandeVoorde

Director of Professional Engineering Master's Programs, CoE

Leadership Academy Members - Cohort 2.0

Sarah Allard

Senior Academic Advisor, AAE
Sarah Allard's Project visual
Sarah Allard's Project

Will Gwin

Manager, Web Communications, CoE
Will Gwin's Project visual
Will Gwin's Project

Isabel Jimenez-Useche

Assistant Head of First-Year Engineering, ENE
Isabel Jimenez-Useche's Project visual
Isabel Jimenez-Useche's Project

Susan Khalifah

Director of Student Experience, CE
Susan Khalifah's Project visual
Susan Khalifah's Project

Elizabeth Pearson

Senior Academic Advisor, IE
Elizabeth Pearson's Project visual
Elizabeth Pearson's Project

Andrew Pierce

Academic Administrator, EPICS
Andrew Pierce's Project visual
Andrew Pierce's Project

Xiaomin Qian

Senior Graduate Program Manager, ME
Xiaomin Qian's Project visual
Xiaomin Qian's Project

DeEtte Starr

Digital Communications Specialist, CoE
DeEtte Starr's Project visual
DeEtte Starr's Project

Aurie Swartz

Assistant Director, OFE
Aurie Swartz's Project visual
Aurie Swartz's Project

Sheri Tague

Graduate Program Manager, ME
Sheri Tague's Project visual
Sheri Tague's Project

Joseph Tort

Assistant Director, Global Professional Practice, OPP
Joseph Tort's Project visual
Joseph Tort's Project

Chad Wright

IT Relationship Manager, ITAP (formerly ECN)
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Chad Wright's Project