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Women in Engineering Program (WIEP)

The Women in Engineering Program (WIEP) at Purdue University is dedicated to enriching the profession of engineering through the full participation of women. We develop and direct activities that provide encouragement for girls and young women to study engineering, information about careers and companies, and an environment conducive to the successful completion of their studies. We are grateful for the strong relationships we have with alumnae, friends and corporations who generously support our program.

The giving opportunities listed below are cornerstone gifts essential to advancing the Women in Engineering Program. While we feel it is important to share these funding priorities with you, please understand that each and every contribution is vital to sustaining this very important program. There are giving options for every budget and interest. We greatly appreciate your support!

Naming the Women in Engineering Program - $10,000,000

Financial support from individuals, foundations, and corporations provides the margin of excellence that distinguishes great institutions from good ones. Nothing better exemplifies this level of excellence than a gift that would name the Women in Engineering Program and provide sustainable funding to ensure this excellence will continue. Naming the Women in Engineering Program will create an opportunity to invest in the future and provide financial resources, in perpetuity, for exceptional female students. This type of commitment brings incredible distinction and prestige to the program and allows for transformational growth and opportunity.

Naming the Director of the Women in Engineering Program - $1,000,000

Endowed Directorships are associated with the best universities and colleges around the world and represent prestige, leadership, and profound responsibility for those who hold such positions. An Endowed Directorship for the Women in Engineering Programs represents an opportunity for the College of Engineering to define its course in the engineering community and build on the success of one of the very best engineering programs in the world. The investment income from the endowment generates a stable annual income from which a portion of salary for the director is allocated, as well as discretionary funds for the program's benefit.

Retention Programming - $55,000 annually

WIEP's retention programming is intended to provide students a wide range of activities and opportunities to interact with each other and successful alumnae. WIEP facilitates the building of friendships and networks that will enhance students' Purdue experience and knowledge about the engineering profession.

WIEP Residential Program: First-year engineering students can choose to live together in Earhart or Harrison Halls. The program encourages the formation of study groups and provides easy access to upper-class mentors and tutoring services.

Tutoring Center: The Tutoring Center is a free tutoring service for first-year classes. Co-hosted by the Women in Engineering Program and the Women in Science Program, the service is housed in Earhart Hall for the convenience of the students who live on the engineering floors, but is open to all students, regardless of residence. The annual operating cost for the Tutoring Center is approximately $8,000.

ENGR 194, Women in Engineering Seminar: First-year engineering students may elect this one-credit course, which helps them connect with other female engineering students and alumnae speakers. This interactive peer environment fosters information, support and a sense of belonging for first-year students. The annual operating cost for ENGR 194 is $7,000.

Mentees & Mentors (M&M) Program: The M&M Program either matches first or second year students with juniors and seniors, or groups of first year students with several upper-class students for mentoring, formal monthly meetings and informal activities. The Mentees and Mentors Program cost approximately $25,000 annually to operate.

Graduate Mentoring Program: The Graduate Mentoring Program groups students beginning their graduate education with more experienced students for formal and informal activities. The program supports students seeking advanced degrees in engineering and encourages them to prepare for academic and/or industry careers. The annual operating cost for the Graduate Mentoring Program is approximately $15,000.

Recruitment Programming - $35,000 annually

WIEP's recruitment programs are designed to attract high school women who are interested in studying engineering to enroll at Purdue. WIEP strives to create a personalized college choice experience.

Juniors Exploring Engineering at Purdue: The Juniors Exploring Engineering at Purdue Program is a one-day program that brings high school juniors to the Purdue campus with their parents to introduce them to engineering disciplines, current engineering students and engineering careers. The annual operating cost for the Juniors Exploring Engineering at Purdue Program is approximately $15,000.

Seniors Exploring Engineering at Purdue (SEE Purdue): The SEE Purdue Program is a one-day program that brings high school seniors to the Purdue campus with their parents to introduce them to the university's outstanding facilities, faculty, students and engineering alumnae. The annual operating cost for the SEE Purdue Program is approximately $15,000.

Personal Connection Program: In the Personal Connection Program, young women admitted to the College of Engineering are contacted by female undergraduate students by phone and email. The Purdue students answer questions about Purdue and engineering with the aim of encouraging the admitted students to enroll in engineering at Purdue. The annual operating cost for the Personal Connection program is approximately $5,000.

Outreach Programming - $75,000 annually

WIEP's outreach programming spans Kindergarten through 10th grades, and is designed to introduce the engineering profession to students in engaging and socially relevant ways. These outreach efforts present engineering as a creative and imaginative endeavor. Current engineering students are heavily involved in our outreach efforts as facilitators, mentors and role models.

Imagination, Innovation, Discovery, Design (I2D2): The I2D2 program is an after-school academic year program targeted at girls and boys in Kindergarten through 5th grade. Current engineering students engage participants in hands-on activities designed to show the creativity, teamwork, and social relevance of an engineering career. The annual operating cost for the I2D2 program is approximately $23,000.

Innovation to Reality (I2R): The I2R program is an after-school academic year on-campus program targeted at 6th through 8th grade girls and boys. Each five week session is themed based on Purdue faculty research topics, and culminates in a participant created poster presentation. Annual operating cost for the I2R program is approximately $15,000.

Engineering For Your Imagination (FYI): The FYI program is a four day residential camp that involves rising eighth and ninth graders in hands-on engineering activities. Campers tour engineering facilities, work on teambuilding and leadership skills, and design and build projects to compete in camp challenges. Current engineering students serve as camp facilitators, mentors and role models. The annual operating cost for the FYI program is approximately $12,000.

Exciting Discoveries for Girls in Engineering (EDGE): The EDGE program is a week-long residential camp for rising high school sophomores and juniors. Campers design and build engineering-based group projects and participate in experiments during laboratory tours. Current engineering students serve as camp facilitators, mentors and role models. Engineering is stressed as a profession where creativity and imagination are used to solve problems for the benefit of society. The annual operating cost for the EDGE program is approximately $20,000.

Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day: The Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day is a one-day on-campus program held in conjunction with National Engineers' Week designed to introduce engineering concepts to early high school students. Each participant is matched with a current engineering student, and attends two hands-on engineering activities based on their interest. The annual operating cost for the Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day is approximately $5,000.