Corporate and Foundation Relations

A partnership with Purdue Engineering provides a gateway to new ideas, technology, and discovery for the global marketplace. By building a relationship with Purdue University College of Engineering, your company will have the opportunity to:

  • Invest cutting-edge research with Purdue faculty and scholarships for students who will be the next generation of talented leaders for your company.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to hiring a diverse workforce and develop your company's talent pipeline by recruiting some of the nation's top students.
  • Impact academic courses and curriculum development to produce future hires that meet your company's business needs.
  • Increase name recognition among Purdue students, faculty, and staff.
  • Promote K-12 education, particularly among underrepresented populations in mathematics, science and engineering.

When great minds and talent converge, innovation happens, creating a greater quality of life for all. Think Impact. Think Purdue Engineering. Schedule a visit to campus today.

Visit campus

Our faculty and administrators rely heavily upon input from industry. We welcome corporate visitors for recruiting, research, collaborations, and student and faculty exposure. These encounters challenge us, and help prepare Purdue engineers to meet the ever-changing needs of today's corporate world.


There is no better way for you and your company to learn about Purdue Engineering and our students, faculty, and facilities than with a personal visit to our campus.

Please e-mail us at or call our office at 765-496-6035 and we will be happy to arrange meetings with faculty, students, and administrators. We can also schedule tours of labs and other facilities, or notify you of upcoming campus events.

Let us show you what Purdue Engineering has to offer your company.

Corporate Contacts

Laura Henzl
Senior Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations

John Langenkamp
Director of Corporate Relations

Michelle Long
Director of Corporate Relations