PEPC Student Organizations

Alpha Pi Mu

Alpha Pi Mu (APM) was founded in 1949 by Industrial Engineering (IE) students at Georgia Tech. It was created to be an organization that would allow students to exchange ideas and develop their professional networks. By 1959, Alpha Pi Mu became a part of the Association of College Honors Societies (ACHS), making it the only nationally accepted honors society for Industrial Engineering. Our Purdue University chapter is one of over 60 active chapters that exist today. Our mission is to recognize junior and senior students who have demonstrated academic excellence in the Department of Industrial Engineering and encourage them to further their knowledge and develop a strong professional network. APM frequently works with the other IE societies, such as IISE (Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers), to offer programs and activities to all of the Engineering students of Purdue.

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American Institute of Aeronautics & Astronautics

Welcome to the Purdue Chapter of the American Institute of Aeronautics & Astronautics! The purpose of Purdue AIAA is to: 1) Serve within its locality the purposes and program of the national AIAA 2) Create awareness of National AIAA conferences and opportunities. 3) Foster faculty-student relations through social and academic projects. 4) Provide networking opportunities through industry contracts. 5) Provide social activities for AIAA members to network with each other.

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American Institute of Chemical Engineers

The Purdue Chapter of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, founded in 1929, has over 700 members, and is one of the most active chapters internationally! Awarded "Outstanding Student Chapter" by the National Board for four years in a row, Purdue AIChE has led the way when it comes to student development and networking. Our leadership team is split up into "committees," and each focuses on one of four tenets of connecting students with peers, industry, faculty, and the community.

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American Nuclear Society

American Nuclear Society (ANS) is a organization for people interested in nuclear engineering, science, and technology. We hold professional development events such as a nuclear engineering career fair in the fall as well many career seminars from companies in the nuclear field throughout the year. We also have educational outreach events about nuclear engineering and science as well as social events for members such as game nights.

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American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers

The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) Purdue Student Chapter serves to promote the development of professional skills, networking between students, faculty, and other professionals in the field, and social activities to foster an inclusive environment. Our mission is to prepare members for their future careers in the agriculture, food processing, and environmental fields and to promote the school of Agricultural and Biological Engineering through participation in local and national events. ASABE's technical specialty areas include but are not limited to education; food and process engineering; power and machinery; soil and water; and ergonomics, safety, and health. The organization is open to all who are interested in the application of engineering in these fields (engineers as well as non-engineers).

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American Society of Healthcare Engineers

The purpose of ASHE is to represent the students with vested interest in the Healthcare Built Environment, provide leadership opportunities for students, and coordinate services and activities of interest to the society members and faculty. The goal is to provide career awareness that will promote and develop a better understanding of the Healthcare Built Environment and it's relationship among Building Construction Management students, former students, faculty, and representatives of the Healthcare Built Environment.

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American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Purdue University’s chapter of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) has one goal: prepare its members to land the job or internship of their dreams! With over 7 different design teams developing projects such as Grand Prix Karts, Prosthetics, and Hydroponics, alongside CAD Training in collaboration with MILESTONES, ASME offers incredible opportunities to get hands on engineering experience. The chapter hosts weekly professional development sessions, an extensive network of company connections, FE Exam Prep resources, social events, and so much more. As the fastest growing organization on campus and Purdue’s Year of Excellence award winner, they strive to provide members of any major with first class opportunities for growth and leadership.

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Autonomous Robotics Club of Purdue

The Autonomous Robotics Club (ARC) of Purdue was created to grow the skills and abilities of its members through design projects centered around advanced autonomous robotics systems. It provides hands-on, real world experience to interdisciplinary teams using industry standard tools and practices. ARC allows open exploration of challenging problems within the field of autonomous robotics systems and gives students of any background a platform to collaborate with an active community of shared knowledge.

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Biomedical Engineering Society

Purdue's Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) is an undergraduate service and social organization that provides students opportunities for learning and growth. We do this by hosting guest lecturers and local professors, who speak about the latest and greatest in the field, sponsoring and serving in local community service events, and recruiting biomedical companies to come speak about their company and job opportunities. BMES also has a Mentoring Program where junior and senior students help sophomore students transition into biomedical engineering and explore all of their opportunities.

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Boiler Robotics

Boiler Robotics Club encourages students to foster innovation through hands-on experience in the process of competing in Mars Society's University Rover Challenge. Throughout the process of building Mars rovers, members build engineering, technical, entrepreneurship, and soft skills as well as meet other like-minded people passionate about space exploration, engineering, and innovation. BRC consists of five project teams (Communication & Intelligence, Robotic Arm, Chassis & Suspension, Drivetrain & Power, and Biological Payload) as well as a business team.

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Boilermaker Consulting Group

The Boilermaker Consulting Group, a STEM consulting firm, is meant to be an additive experience to a Boilermaker’s experience and serve an unmet need on Purdue's campus: the premier academy will engage any student with an interest in a consulting profession by emphasizing the educational knowledge needed to be successful in the consulting industry, while providing opportunities for the consultants, to apply these skills and knowledge to client-based projects.

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Chi Epsilon

Chi Epsilon is the National Civil Engineering Honor Society. Dedicated to the purpose of maintaining and promoting the status of civil engineering as an ideal profession, Chi-Epsilon was organized to recognize the characteristics of the individual civil engineer deemed to be fundamental to the successful pursuit of an engineering career, and to aid in the development of those characteristics in the civil engineering student.

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Chinese Engineering Student Council

CESC strives to provide international students a sense of community at Purdue with frequent club events and real world, hands on experience sponsored by companies worldwide.

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Electric Vehicle Club

The Electric Vehicle Club is dedicated to educating students about all aspects of electric vehicles through design projects. By designing, building, testing, and refining electric vehicles, members will gain practical experience and the satisfaction of driving their own creations.

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Electrical and Computer Engineering Student Society

The purpose of ECESS is to provide ECE students with an educational and professional community. They aim at preparing students for a rigorous academic program, exploring educational and professional post-baccalaureate options, as well as making the most out of their Purdue Experience. Committees vary from Community Outreach, ECE Ambassadors, Women in ECE, and many more.

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Eta Kappa Nu Beta Chapter

We are the Purdue ECE honors society. In addition to organizing networking and social events for our members, we operate the HKN lounge in EE 24 where we sell donuts, coffee, and other items. We also manage a student run lab in EE.

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Humanoid Robot Club Purdue

Welcome to the Humanoid Robot Club Purdue (HRC), a thriving community at Purdue University at the forefront of innovation in humanoid robotics. Our primary mission is to engineer a walking humanoid robot with space exploration capabilities. Whether you're an experienced engineer or a newcomer with a passion for technology, HRC welcomes you. Our club hosts collaborative projects tailored to all skill levels, fostering an inclusive environment that encourages creativity and collective growth.

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We are the Innovation science club on campus. We focus on using the innovation techniques from the Innovation science department to participate in design challenges, work on research with the department, and work on any problem our club members want to work on!

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Institute of Industrial & Systems Engineers

The Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers, or IISE, is the leading professional organization for Industrial Engineers, both students and professionals. The Purdue University Student Chapter of IISE offers events and activities for Purdue's IE program, while also including the benefits of an international professional society. Examples of events include the semi-annual IE Career fair, workshops, certification classes, ambassador events, board retreats, philanthropy events, and more.

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International Genetically Engineered Machine

iGEM is an organization that focuses on the field of synthetic biology. We have one to two meetings where we either talk about topics related to synthetic biology, or work on projects. We also have a weekly lab module that allows members to learn critical lab techniques and skills. Everything learned during the school year is used in the summer as part of the iGEM competition. Interested members can apply to participate in this competition as a paid intern, where they will create a project using synthetic biology that advances the field.

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MAES (Latinos in Science and Engineering)

MAES’s mission is to promote, cultivate, and honor excellence in education And leadership among Latinos in STEM. The mission of this chapter is to also increase the number of Latino engineering students here at Purdue by providing awareness to local high schools and a strong sense of community among all Latinos . Our vision is a future where Latinos are leaders in the engineering and science world. On campus we are determined to provide an increased access to professional and academic opportunities for Latino students in STEM.

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Multidisciplinary Engineering Student Society

Multidisciplinary Engineering Student Society (MDESS) aims to provide a home base for students within the Multidisciplinary Engineering (MDE) and Interdisciplinary Engineering Studies (IDES) community. We are a society that values individual involvement, and ultimately seeks to offer students professional development, mentorship, and social opportunities by hosting various events.

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National Society of Black Engineers

To increase the number of culturally responsible Black Engineers who excel academically, succeed professionally and positively impact the community

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Omega Chi Epsilon

Omega Chi Epsilon is the national chemical engineering honor society. The organization promotes high scholarship, encourages original investigation in the field of chemical engineering, recognizes the traits of character, integrity, and leadership, and advocates and supports the need for community service.

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Pi Tau Sigma

Pi Tau Sigma is the mechanical engineering honors society. We host many events for the ME department, including tutoring services, the ME forum, and the ME social. We also do community service and have many social events. Stop by the PTS lounge near Railside for donuts on Thursdays!

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Purdue Baja SAE

Baja Racing designs, builds, tests, and competes every year with a single-seat off road race car. Nearly 95% of the vehicle are student designed, student built, and student tested. We accept students of all majors and backgrounds, so no prior experience is necessary; we will teach you everything you need to know for hands-on and design experience!

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Purdue Electric Racing

Purdue Electric Racing is an organization that designs, builds, and races a fully electric, two-thirds scale, formula style race car. PER gives its members a chance to get hands on experience with cutting-edge industry technology, while developing relationships with our industry sponsors. Joining PER gives students a unique chance to develop their technical skills, while working on a talented team of their peers.

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Purdue Engineering Outreach

PEO aims to spread excitement and fervor for STEM fields through interactive events and activities to students both on and off campus. We partner with organizations, such as College Mentors for Kids, Girls Scouts, and local schools to bring engineering into the classroom to show the next generation that science, technology, engineering and math are not only incredibly important fields of study, but also interesting and fun ones! During weekly meetings, members develop and workshop activity ideas as well as create educational material for them. Each of these activities is created 'from scratch' or a twist is added to classics.

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Purdue Engineering Student Council

Founded in 1975, the Purdue Engineering Student Council lives by its mission statement of “serving students, serving industry, serving the community”. Since its founding, PESC has risen to have a major campus presence through its career fairs, campus events, and outreach. Our members are some of the most enthusiastic and motivated leaders at Purdue, and we are proud that our members come from nearly every engineering discipline. PESC prides itself on its ability to give back to the greater Purdue community, and is always planning and building new ways to make an impact.

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Purdue Formula SAE

Purdue Formula SAE is a team of approximately 30 students that designs, builds, tests, and competes with an open wheel racecar every year. We use state of the art analysis and manufacturing methods to develop engineering skills in our members. Our team has consistently finished among the top 20 teams in the world at the FSAE Michigan competition, thanks to the hard work of our team and support from our sponsors.

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Purdue Impact Theory

The Purdue Impact Theory provides a niche for rising scientists to communicate to the public what science means to them. We care most about communicating what scientists do; who they are; how scientific discovery works; what applications science has in the world; and most importantly, how we all can engage with science throughout our lives.

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Purdue Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

Purdue IEEE is devoted to technical achievements, professional development, learning workshops, and social events. The Purdue IEEE Student Branch is split into seven technical and event committees, which despite being focused on a different goal, strive to further the technical abilities of members through project-based learning experiences. Additionally, we also have four committees that help our members enter their professional careers, learn engineering software and hands-on skills, and socialize with others to form lasting connections inside and outside of IEEE.

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Purdue Lunabotics

Purdue Lunabotics serves as an organization to promote the advancement of robotics in the field of space exploration and colonization, through the design and fabrication of autonomous and remote-controlled robots. It provides hands-on manufacturing experience for students of all backgrounds. Lunabotics members work together to represent Purdue at the annual NASA Robotics Mining Competition held at the Kennedy Space Center.

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Purdue Mechanical Engineering Ambassadors

The Mechanical Engineering Ambassadors act as delegates of the Purdue Mechanical Engineering program in promoting unity between students, faculty, alumni, family, and organizations, as well as reaching out to prospective students, all in an attempt to bridge the Purdue Mechanical Engineering program to the local and global engineering world.

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Purdue Medical Innovation, Networking, and Design

"Purdue MIND seeks to identify and solve unmet clinical problems by developing medical technologies that improve or save people's lives. Our purpose is to promote and grow the biomedical engineering community at Purdue and provide undergraduate students the opportunity to engage in hands-on activities, discuss current research, and develop innovative solutions in healthcare. Students will have the opportunity to support/represent MIND at competitions on a domestic and international level. We have students of various majors (Pre-Med, ME, EE, ECE, CS, Biology, Business, etc.), and all skills utilized in the club will be taught through our workshops!

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Purdue Society of Professional Engineers

The Purdue Society of Professional Engineers is affiliated with the National Society of Professional Engineers, the Indiana Society of Professional Engineers and the AA Potter chapter in Indiana. All of these organizations have outstanding reputations and are well known in the engineering field. The goal of this organization and its parent organizations is to promote professionalism, leadership and ethics within the engineering profession. PSPE puts on large events including Research Roundtable, Order of the Engineer, Mathcounts, PE/FE Panels, and industry workshops. In addition, bi-weekly general meetings are hosted for members where topics not limited to but including career paths, ethics, effective communication, networking, professional development, and research are discussed.

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Purdue Space Program

Purdue SEDS (known as the Purdue Space Program or PSP) is for anyone interested in space! We have three primary missions: 1. Conduct outreach events that raise awareness of the importance and value of space in our everyday lives and promote students of all ages to pursue careers in the space industry. 2. Develop members technical experience through work on technical projects. Some past, present, and future projects are: Purdue Space Program Liquids Purdue Space Program Solids Purdue Space Program Hybrid Purdue Space Program Satellite SEDS Kyle Runkle Regional Rocketry Competition University Student Launch Initiative Spaceport America Cup Base-11 Rocket Challenge 3. Partake in social activities such as movie nights and rocket launch BBQs as often as possible to promote interaction and communication among members.

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Purdue Student Engineering Foundation

PSEF is a professional student organization consisting of around 50 undergrad engineering students who interact with prospective students by volunteering at Purdue Engineering outreach events. We share personal experiences and give guidance to high schoolers and their guardians during the college search process. Engineering outreach events we volunteer at include Pizza with PSEF, Fall Preview Days, Engineering Information Sessions, special visit days for accepted students like Purdue’s for Me and other events coordinated by the Office of Future Engineers. We enjoy helping others and spreading our love for Purdue, as well as developing our members' interpersonal and professional skill sets.

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Purdue University Material Advantage

PUMA (Purdue University Material Advantage) is Purdue’s chapter of the national materials science and engineering organization Material Advantage. Material Advantage provides students affordable access to the most preeminent professional materials science and engineering societies (ACerS, AIST, ASM International, and TMS). PUMA provides professional opportunities to network with industry professionals, social opportunities to connect with other engineers, public speaking and leadership opportunities to tour prospective Purdue students through the MSE department, and travel opportunities to tour manufacturing operations and attend national conferences (before COVID-19). Any student at Purdue can be involved in PUMA if they are passionate about materials science!

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PurdueTHINK takes a new approach to solving existing challenges at Purdue University by providing strategy, implementation, leadership coaching, and program management services to clients internal to the University. The organization is comprised of 45 cross-functional student consultants from across Purdue’s campus, predominantly from the College of Engineering, working in targeted project teams.

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Society for Biological Engineering

The Purdue University Student Branch of the Society of Biological Engineers is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to promote the interests of engineers and other professionals involved in the Food, Biotech, and Pharmaceutical industries. We promote education exchange, career opportunities, networking and other appropriate and duly elected goals.

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Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers Purdue Chapter

Purdue Chapter of SASE, better known as SASE Purdue, was founded in 2010. We develop individuals to be globally diverse and teach students to integrate the values of different cultures within American business, allowing them to create their own unique identity. The main focus of SASE is to provide students with the tools to excel academically and professionally via workshops and programs that hone soft skills valued at the workplace and leadership traits key to effectively running an organization.

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Society of Environmental and Ecological Engineers

SEEE is a club which serves to provide a link between students, faculty, administrators and alumni in Environmental and Ecological Engineering. This involves social and professional gatherings, volunteer work, and interactions with other related student groups. SEEE is a great way to get to know other EEEs!

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Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, Purdue University

SHPE's vision is a world where Hispanics are highly valued and influential as the leading innovators, scientists, mathematicians, and engineers. On campus, we offer unparalleled access to top STEM recruiters through SHPE-exclusive networking events. Our technical and professional development programs help our members grow as future professionals. Our scholarship opportunities include full sponsorship to the SHPE National Convention as well as merit scholarships. Finally, our social and community events help our members grow their networks and give back to the Greater Lafayette community.

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Society of Women Engineers

The Purdue Society of Women Engineers works to empower and support women through inclusive and innovative high quality programs that provide technical and leadership experience in open and encouraging environments. PSWE is dedicated to motivating young women to attain the highest levels of education and career advancement. We do this through our four pillars: Professional, Technical, Outreach, and Communications with over 95 events each year.

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Purdue Solutions is a student-led technology and management consulting organization. We specialize in business strategy, technology, marketing, and operations consulting. Our mission is to provide client interaction to our members while helping businesses solve real world problems.

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Space Loving Individuals Negotiating Gravity

Space Loving Individuals Negotiating Gravity or SLING is a technical research club focused on design and development of momentum exchange tethers to simplify the motion of spacecraft in the cislunar space. The club primarily consists of AAE undergraduate students, but people from other disciplines including graduate students are welcome. The team has various subdivisions, focused on one of the following verticals: Controls, Astrodynamics, Structures, Propulsion and Systems Our projects reflect our members’ diverse interests. These include on-campus events, community outreach activities, and technical sessions with guest speakers from industry and academia.

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Stempower aims to empower the next generation of confident, resilient women in STEM through engaging mentorship and accessible education. In collaboration with the Girl Scouts of Central Indiana, the Purdue chapter will serve as mentors for young girls to foster an interest in STEM and develop classroom confidence. Mentors will also have the opportunity to lead a high school team through a year-long STEM community service project guided by EPICS (Engineering Projects in Community Service) curriculum.

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Women in Aerospace

The purpose of Women in Aerospace (WiA) is to empower women through providing all undergraduate students with inclusive educational, outreach, professional, and social opportunities in the Aerospace Engineering (AAE) major at Purdue. WiA strives to address the gender disparity in Aerospace Engineering by creating a diverse community for all those considering and currently enrolled in AAE. We focus on the three I's: to Inspire K-12 students and first year engineering students to pursue an aerospace career, to Inform our members of opportunities through educational events and industry spotlights, and to Integrate and connect the community of AAE through networking and social events.

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