Purdue Engineering Presidents' Council (PEPC)

PEPC is an organization of engineering presidents working together to support the engineering/technical organizations on campus through interorganizational promotion, staffing, or brainstorming. In addition, PEPC is working to create a funding program to financially support PEPC members through corporate sponsorship. Other benefits include increased communication with the college, a space on the college of engineering’s web page, and other leadership/professional development training in the form of faculty presentations.


PEPC meets weekly on Thursdays at 8pm in ARMS 3115. Attendance is mandatory for membership. Ideally, the president of your organization would attend the meetings, but your organization can also send another representative if necessary.

If your organization would like to join PEPC, email the PEPC facilitators Sam Dlott (sdlott@purdue.edu) and Alexa Stern (astern@purdue.edu) to let them know. You can also direct any questions to the both of them!