Kiewit Benefits

In addition to a scholarship, Kiewit Scholars have many opportunities to participate in activities to expand leadership skills and spur professional growth. Participation in some activities will be required as part of the Kiewit Scholars program.

Scholarship Awards

Scholarships awards are up to $10,000 for in-state students and up to $16,000 for out-of-state students*. Scholarships may be renewed based on student classification and continuing to meet program qualifications, including participation in Kiewit Scholars programming throughout the academic year.

* Can be combined with other scholarship offers from the college and university - total award package cannot exceed the yearly cost of attendance at Purdue University

Internship Offers

Beginning with Summer 2024, each Purdue Kiewit Scholar will be offered a summer internship with Kiewit.

Leadership and Professional Development

During the Fall and Spring semesters, Kiewit Scholars will attend a weekly, one-hour seminar course. There will also be a few evening events each semester. As a Kiewit Scholar, you can expect the following:

  • Guest speakers, including Kiewit executives and industry leaders
  • Opportunities to network with Kiewit employees and recruiters
  • Participation in conferences and the Kiewit Scholars competition, including travel awards to attend these events
  • Career and professional mentoring designed to help Kiewit Scholars understand the opportunities in the industry and areas for growth to develop their leadership potential
  • Kiewit supported events will be held on campus each semester to broaden student perspectives, build communication and team skills, create business acumen, and professional networking opportunities
  • Networking with Kiewit Scholars from other universities
  • Field trips to current Kiewit job sites
  • And more!!