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Graduate School prepares engineers to think independently and be leaders in your workspace. Free participation is available.

About: The Purdue Engineering Virtual Graduate Showcase anticipates attracting a top-quality global audience. We expect 1000+ prospective engineering graduate students seeking information on Purdue’s engineering graduate programs and post-graduate careers. Target demographics include diverse U.S. Citizens and non-U.S. Citizens. The Showcase will feature both on-demand and live content educating participants on the value of a graduate degree, career opportunities, tips for applying to graduate school and more. Each Engineering discipline will have the opportunity to showcase their graduate study options.

Why participate? Highlight your company’s recruitment of master’s and PhD graduates and support the next generation of graduate students as they prepare for their careers. Build brand awareness to help your future recruitment for internships or full-time positions. Educate undergraduate students on career options for master’s and PhD graduates.

Consider joining us through the option below.

Purdue Engineering Virtual Graduate Showcase

1) Free!! Provide a 1 minute video in support of engineers getting their Graduate Degrees. Tell us why you like hiring or working with Graduate Engineers! Selected videos will be featured on the event website.

a) Upload .mp4 file to Purdue Box or email a YouTube embed link to engrgrad@purdue.edu.

Thank you for your support of graduate engineering!


Contact us at engrgrad@purdue.edu