Application Fee Waiver

There is a two-step process required to complete the Application Fee Waiver for the Purdue University Virtual Graduate Showcase. In Step 1, you must earn the fee waiver and in Step 2, you must redeem the fee waiver. Note the deadlines for each of these steps, so that you are sure to receive the waiver.

Step 1 – Earn Fee Waiver

To qualify for a free application fee waiver for attending the Purdue University Virtual Graduate Showcase, you must answer at least 10 questions (100 pts) in the fee waiver section of the WebEx Events platform. Step 1 must be completed by the deadline to move onto Step 2. This means that the answers to these required questions are due no later than Monday, October 14, 2024 11:59 PM EDT.

Step 2 – Redeem Fee Waiver

  1. Begin an application to the Purdue University Graduate School. Use the same email address on your application that you used to sign in to WebEx Events, as this will help you avoid processing delays.
    a screen capture of the application link
  2. Complete each of the sections on the left column with your personal information.
    a screen capture of the application link
    On the "Additional information" page, make sure you complete the Recruitment Programs (Application Fee Waiver Eligibility) section to receive the fee waiver. Select: Purdue Engineering Virtual Graduate Showcase.
    a screen capture of the application link
  3. Once you complete and submit your application, the Graduate School will verify your participation and waive your application fee.
  4. You will receive an email in 2-3 days regarding whether or not the fee waiver has been approved. This verification process uses your email address. NOTE: If the email address on your application differs from the email address on your registration for the graduate showcase event, your fee waiver may initially be denied. Should you have this email address issue, please email to request manual confirmation of your participation in the event for fee waiver approval.
  5. If you pay the application fee, it is non-refundable.
  6. This fee waiver may be used for one application only (you can select up to three programs per application, as programs permit).
  7. Fee waiver expires: Applicants are eligible for one application fee waiver per program he/she has participated in. Attending the same program multiple years qualifies for one application fee total. Fee waivers are valid if the applicant has met the application fee waiver criteria starting on January 1, 2020 and beyond. The fee waiver does not expire.
  8. For more information on fee waivers, please visit the Graduate School website.