College of Engineering recognizes staff at Awards of Excellence celebration

For the 21st time, College of Engineering staff members were recognized at the Staff Awards of Excellence celebration.

For the 21st time, College of Engineering staff members were recognized at the Staff Awards of Excellence celebration.

College of Engineering Interim Dean Mark Lundstrom welcomed approximately 180 people, including staff, faculty and guests, for the Dec. 9 event at the Shively Club at Ross-Ade Stadium.

“We owe our success to these talented individuals who advance our programs and initiatives, advise us, manage day-to-day operations and keep the College moving forward," Lundstrom said. "The College of Engineering has about 570 staff members. They represent 27 departments and work in over 45 different locations around campus. They bring a treasured mix of perspectives, experience and professional expertise. And from a wide variety of positions they support our students, faculty, research efforts, classroom management and facilities."

The Dean’s Staff Affairs Committee is responsible for reviewing all nominations and selecting the award winners each year.

“I’m delighted to be part of recognizing excellence in the College of Engineering, honoring staff who have demonstrated a great deal of skill, thoughtfulness and dedication to their jobs," said Will Sondgerath, assistant dean for staff. 

Jared Pike

Jared Pike, Customer Service Award for Professional and Management Staff

For the Professional and Management Customer Service Award, Lisa Crain (School of Aeronautics and Astronautics), Maria Longoria-Littleton (Office of Academic Affairs) and Jared Pike (School of Mechanical Engineering) were named finalists for the award. Pike, communication specialist, was named the winner for “his contagiously positive attitude, genuine desire to help others succeed, and creativity to deliver the best results as a Communication Specialist in Mechanical Engineering.”

Lisa Stacey

Lisa Stacey, Customer Service Award for Support Staff

Finalists for the Support and Customer Service Award were Tina Denson (School of Mechanical Engineering), Barbara Ritchie (Lyles School of Civil Engineering) and Lisa Stacey (School of Materials Engineering). Stacey, lead administrative assistant, was announced the winner for "promoting an environment in which everyone's strengths, expertise, and knowledge are appreciated, while providing support, gratitude, and professionalism.”

Mark Johnson

Mark Johnson, Leah H. Jamieson Leadership Award

The Leah H. Jamieson Leadership Award finalists were Richard Domonkos (Lyles School of Civil Engineering), Mark Johnson (School of Electrical and Computer Engineering) and Todd Nelson (School of Mechanical Engineering). Johnson, director of instructional laboratories, was named the winner for "encouraging and motivating others by example and his contributions with lasting impact within (the School of) Electrical and Computer Engineering and the College.” 

Stephen McBride

Stephen McBride, New Employee Excellence Award

The New Employee Award finalists were Nancy Marianowski (School of Mechanical Engineering), Stephen McBride (Graduate Education) and Jennifer Strickland (Office of Professional Practice). McBride, who is the assistant director for graduate student success, was announced the winner for “his initiative on the job, strong to desire to improve, exemplary attitude and his professional and effective engagement across a wide range of individuals."

Chell Nyquist

Chell Nyquist, Professional Achievement Excellence Award

Finalists were Karen Jurss (School of Eletrical and Computer Engineering), Susan Khalifah (Lyles School of Civil Engineering) and Chell Nyquist (School of Aeronautics and Astronautics). Nyquist, outreach and Purdue Space Day program adminstrator, was named the winner for a "hands-on approach to his position within the School of Aeronautics and Astronautics, frequent help, and his direct and truthful nature."

Jill Clauson

Jill Clauson, Business Office Excellence Award for Professional and Management Staff

Jill Clauson, a research account specialist for CISTAR, is the first recipient of a new award for 2022. She was recognized for “outstanding commitment to supporting Chemical Engineering and customers.”

Michelle Sarault

Michelle Sarault, Business Office Excellence Award for Professional and Management Staff

Michelle Sarault, who serves as the business assistant for the School of Mechanical Engineering, was recognized for her "calm attitude, flexibility, communication skills and continual pursuit to build her capabilities in interaction and interactive skills.”

Holly Englert

Holly Englert, Outstanding Academic Advisor Excellence Award

Holly Englert is the director of academic advising for the School of Mechanical Engineering. She was recognized for “her exceptional interpersonal skills in all facets and her passion for assisting students and student success.”

Scott Meyer

Scott Meyer, Outstanding Research Staff Excellence Award

Scott Meyer, manager director of Maurice J. Zucrow Laboratories, was recognized for “revitalization of propulsion activities and outstanding leadership approach to the development of exceptional experimental facilities.”

The CE, ECE, and ME Online MS Staff Team Award

The Hammer Project Team, School of Mechanical Engineering

The Team Award was given to the School of Mechanic Engineering "Hammer Project" team that includes ME undergraduate student Kyle Wang, ME Machinist John Wheeler, Assistant Head for Experiential Learning & Professor of Mechanical Engineering Song Zhang, ME Managing Director of Technical Services Mike Logan, Professor of Mechanical Engineering Martin Byung-Guk Jun and ME Senior Lecturer Morgan Murphy (not pictured). The team was recognized for "efforts in the development and delivery of a new way to teach skills leveraging different styles at scale, which helped to improve the curriculum and created campus-wide excitement."