2020-21 Engineering Graduate Program Awards

Each spring, the College of Engineering recognizes the outstanding accomplishments of our graduate students and postdocs through several prestigious awards. Graduate students also select an outstanding faculty mentor who has gone above and beyond to serve the graduate students in their program.

Please take a couple minutes to watch this video from Dr. Dana Weinstein, Associate Dean of Graduate Education, as she congratulates this year’s awardees:

Awards include:

  • Magoon Excellence in Teaching Award
  • Outstanding Graduate Research Award
  • Outstanding Graduate Service Scholarship
  • Outstanding Postdoctoral Researcher Award
  • Outstanding Faculty Mentor Award

The Purdue University College of Engineering Magoon Awards are given to outstanding teaching assistants and instructors in memory of Estus H. and Vashti L. Magoon, who have influenced the lives of many engineering educators through this award. The award is made possible through the generous Estus H. and Vashti L. Magoon endowment, and the recipients each receive $2,000 and a certificate. This year's awardees are:

AAE -  Divya Bhargava, Suman Chakraborty, Zihao Liang, and Hima Patel

ABE - Eric Kong

BME - Brandon Coventry, Jason Ummel, and Megan Baker

CE - Carlos Moro Martinez, William Pollalis, Jibin Joseph, and Amy Getchell

ChE - Pelin Bulutoglu, Peter Hellwarth

ECE - Chandan Bothra, Hengying Shan, Joseph Thomas, Mai Zhang, Rohan Sarkar, Stanley Scott Dye, Tridib Saha, and V.K. Manam

EEE - Matthew Triebe

ENE - Yi-Chieh Sun and Andrew Robert Roginski

EPICS - Peyman Yousefi Bahambari

IE - Cansu Agrali, Yan Chen, Esmaeil Bahalkeh, and Hamed Asadi

ME - Navneet Goswami, Rohil Jain, Jaehoon Ji, Matthew Meier, Rathziel Roncancio, Rishav Roy, and Prabhu Kumar Venuthurumilli

MSE - Saswat Mishra and Jung-Ting Tsai

NE - Junghyun Bae

The Purdue University College of Engineering Outstanding Service Scholarship Award recognizes the engineering graduate students who provide outstanding service to the graduate student community, the School, the College, and/or the University. Each School nominates one student, and he or she each receives $2,000 and a certificate. This year's recipients are:

AAE - Julio Hernandez

ABE - Kok Zhi Lee

BME - Mazin Hakim

CE - Agustin Quinones

ChE - Wei-Lee Wu

ECE - Rajni Sah

EEE - Ansaarullah Diop

ENE - Justin Major

IE - Maithilee Motlag

ME - Susmita Sarkar

MSE - Robynn-Lynne Paldi

NE - Ryan Drew

The Outstanding Research Award goes to students who have demonstrated excellence and leadership in research through publications, participation in professional organizations, and willingness to mentor others. The recipients of this year's award, worth $2,000 and a certificate, are:

AAE - Xuan Wang

ABE - Tanzeel Rehman

BME - Min Ku Kim

CE - Rih Teng Wu

ChE - Swapnil Deshmukh

ECE - Debayan Das and Soham Saha

EEE - Christian Ley

ENE - David Evenhouse

IE - Rouxing Wang

ME - Prabudhya Chowdhury and Bongjoong Kim

MSE - Di Zhang

In 2020, the College of Engineering established an Outstanding Postdoctoral Researcher Award to recognize the accomplishments and contributions of postdoctoral researchers currently employed in Purdue’s College of Engineering who are pursuing careers in academia or entrepreneurship and innovation. This year's recipient of the $2,000 award is Dr. Siddarth Krishna, a Henson Postdoctoral Research Fellow working in the Purdue Catalysis Center and a researcher in the Gounder Group

Finally, the graduate students in each School select an Outstanding Faculty Mentor to recognize his or her exceptional mentoring of engineering graduate students. These professors receive an engraved plaque with a personal tribute composed by the students. The graduate students chose the following faculty members to receive this year's award:

AAE - Jonathan Poggie

ABE - John T. Evans IV

BME - Joseph Rispoli

ChE - Rajamani Gounder

CE - Mirian Velay-Lizancos

ECE - Kaushik Roy

EEE - Inez Hua

ENE - Kerrie Douglas

IE - Gary Cheng

MSE - Chelsea Davis

ME - Ivan Christov

Please join us in congratulating all of this year’s recipients for their hard work and dedication to the graduate education community. If you see someone you know on the list, be sure to tell them “Great job & well deserved!”

To see a complete list of current and past award recipients, please visit the CoE Graduate Education Program Awards page.