Siddarth H. Krishna

Henson Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Advised by Professor Rajamani Gounder


I obtained my PhD in chemical engineering with James Dumesic and George Huber at UW-Madison, where my research elucidated the conversion mechanisms of biomass-derived intermediates to renewable chemicals over metal and acid catalysts. Prior to graduate school, I became interested in heterogeneous catalysis and sustainability as an undergraduate researcher with Alexis Bell at UC-Berkeley. In my free time, I enjoy hiking, frisbee, eating, and cheering on the Golden Bears and Badgers.



  • Henson Postdoctoral Fellow (2019)
  • NSF Graduate Research Fellow (2015)
  • Phi Beta Kappa Honors (2014)

Project Description

I am using a combination of kinetics and operando spectroscopy to study how the density and arrangement of Cu ion active sites in zeolites dictate their dynamic interactions during the selective catalytic reduction of nitric oxides for automotive emissions control.

Recent Publications

  • S. H. Krishna, C. B. Jones, J. T. Miller, F. H. Ribeiro, R. Gounder, “Combining Kinetics and Operando Spectroscopy to Interrogate the Mechanism and Active Site Requirements of NOx Selective Catalytic Reduction with NH3 on Cu-Zeolites”, Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 2020, 11, 5029-5036.
  • S. H. Krishna*, L. Zhang*, I. Hermans, G. W. Huber, T. F. Kuech, J. A. Dumesic, “Rates of Levoglucosanol Hydrogenolysis over Brønsted and Lewis Acid Sites on Platinum Silica-Alumina Catalysts Synthesized by Atomic Layer Deposition”, Journal of Catalysis 2020, 389, 111-120. *equal contributions.
  • S. H. Krishna, J. Cao, M. Tamura, Y. Nakagawa, M. De bruyn, G. S. Jacobson, B. M. Weckhuysen, J. A. Dumesic, K. Tomishige, G. W. Huber, “Synthesis of Hexane-Tetrols and -Triols with Fixed Hydroxyl Group Positions and Stereochemistry from Methyl Glycosides over Supported Metal Catalysts”, ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, 2020, 8, 800–805.
  • S. H. Krishna, M. De bruyn, Z. R. Schmidt, B. M. Weckhuysen, J. A. Dumesic, G. W. Huber, “Catalytic Production of Hexane-1,2,5,6-tetrol from Bio-renewable Levoglucosanol in Water: Effect of Metal and Acid Sites on (Stereo)-Selectivity”, Green Chemistry, 2018, 20, 4557-4565
  • S. H. Krishna, K. Huang, K. J. Barnett, J. He, C. T. Maravelias, J. A. Dumesic, G. W. Huber, M. De bruyn and B. M. Weckhuysen, "Oxygenated commodity chemicals from chemo‐catalytic conversion of biomass derived heterocycles," AIChE Journal, 2018, 64, 1910-1922 (cover article).
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