MSE's Youngblood develops antimicrobial innovation for paints and coatings

Poly Group LLC and Croda Inc. announced Feb. 25 they have entered into a marketing agreement that will result in the availability of antimicrobial coatings and paints.
Jeffrey Youngblood, Professor of Materials Engineering

The technology is shown to be effective against bacteria, serves as a material preservative and is environmentally friendly. The technology received EPA approval in 2017.

The mutual agreement allows Croda to market Nouvex through a Croda’s Smart Materials division. Nouvex is Poly Group’s polymeric antimicrobial technology for paints and coatings.

“We are delighted by this new agreement, which provides a clear path to commercialization of Nouvex in paints and coatings,” said Craig Kalmer, Poly Group’s chief operating officer. “Croda has vast industry knowledge and customer reach. Our collaboration is a key part of Poly Group’s first phase of bringing Nouvex and its remarkable attributes to market.”

The companies also are exploring Nouvex’s use in plastics and medical plastics.

Jeffrey Youngblood, a professor in the Purdue University School of Materials Engineering, developed the innovation used in Nouvex. Poly Group received a global license for the technology from the Purdue Research Foundation Office of Technology Commercialization.

About Nouvex

Nouvex is a polymeric technology that is compatible with a wide range of substrates. The addition of Nouvex’s antimicrobial polymer renders substrates treated with it antimicrobial. Nouvex is also persistent, meaning materials, in this case paint and coatings, retain Nouvex’s antimicrobial activity for an extended time. That persistency, combined with Nouvex low toxicity and significant biocompatibility, potentially makes Nouvex an attractive technology for numerous other product lines, including wound dressings and implantable medical devices in both human and animal applications.

About Poly Group LLC

Poly Group LLC is located in the Purdue Research Park in New Albany, Indiana. Poly Group LLC has successfully registered Nouvex with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Office of Pesticide Programs, Antimicrobial Division as a material preservative; EPA Reg. No. 91413-2.

About Croda

Croda is a specialty chemical manufacturer that, through the imaginative and practical use of science, creates ingredients and technologies that improve people’s lives by enhancing everyday products. Croda’s business is split into three core market sectors: personal care; life sciences made up of crop care and health care and performance technologies made up of coatings and polymers; geo technologies; home care; lubricants and polymer additives. Croda also has an industrial chemicals business area. In all areas of business, Croda’s focus is on developing and delivering innovative ingredients sustainably.

Source: Antimicrobial technology to be available in paints, coatings through agreement