18th Annual Staff Awards of Excellence celebrates engineering accomplishments

Bright spotlights illuminated the stage Friday, Dec. 6, at the Shively Club at Ross Ade Stadium as the Purdue College of Engineering celebrated the contributions of 18 engineering staff members for 2019. Dean Mung Chiang welcomed more than 200 guests, including the honorees, their families, friends and colleagues. “Staff make the College hum. We wouldn’t be here today without their awesome contributions,” said the dean.
18th Annual Staff Awards of Excellence

Chiang recognized the inaugural cohort of PRIME Grant Award winners - 10 individuals from the College who applied for and received $1,500 toward pursuing their individual professional development goals, as well as time to pursue their “mini-sabbaticals”.

Assistant Dean for Staff Will Sondgerath emceed the event and recognized the members of the Dean’s Staff Affairs Committee, who each year guides the process of selecting the group of finalists and award winners.

“This evening”, according to Dean Chiang,” we are honoring the best of the best because all of you have distinguished yourselves in your work.”      

Amy Stanley, Administrative/Professional Customer Service Award

In the category for Administrative/Professional Customer Service, Chell Nyquist (AAE), Amy Stanley (AAE), and Sheri Tague (Zucrow) were named finalists for the award. Stanley, business manager for the Schools of Aeronautics and Astronautics and Materials Engineering, was named the winner for “building key relationships with faculty, enabling them to concentrate on their research.”

(l to r) Dean Mung Chiang, Chell Nyquist, Amy Stanley, and Sheri Tague

Saundra Johnson, Clerical/Service Customer Service Award

Finalists for the Clerical/Service Customer Service Award were Nick Humphrey (ChE), Saundra Johnson (ENE), and Lisa Meyers (ME). Johnson, an administrative assistant in the School of Engineering Education, was announced the winner “for her instrumental work in supporting the ABET accreditation process.”

(l to r) Dean Mung Chiang, Saundra Johnson, Lisa Meyers, and Nick Humphrey

Cristina Crozier, Leah H. Jamieson Leadership Award

The Leah H. Jamieson Leadership Award finalists were Cristina Crozier (Dean's Office), Kristin Deckard Dawson (ME), and Nate Engelberth (ABE). Crozier, assistant director of the Faculty Recruitment and Concierge Program in the Dean’s Office, was named the winner “for responding to the challenges the College faced on the back-end of implementing the new employee management system, by creating a training program for engineering support staff.”

(l to r) Dean Mung Chiang, Cristina Crozier, Nate Engelberth, and Kristin Deckard Dawson

Chantalle Brown, New Employee Award

The New Employee Award finalists were Chantalle Brown (BME), Jackie McDermott (Dean’s Office), and Kyle Rice (ME). Brown, an academic advisor in the Weldon School of Biomedical Engineering, was announced the winner, “for her persistent passion for helping others and determination in providing resources for both BME advisors and those advisors outside the school as well.”

(l to r) Dean Mung Chiang, Chantalle Brown, and Jackie McDermott

Asem Aboelzahab, Professional Achievement Award

The final individual award given, the Professional Achievement Award, recognized Asem Aboelzahab (BME), Teresa Cadwallader (Dean’s Office), and Susan Khalifah (CE). Aboelzahab, instructional laboratory and assessment coordinator with the Weldon School of Biomedical Engineering, was named the winner, “for his passion for mentoring senior design teams to multiple first-place finishes in national award competitions.”

(l to r) Dean Mung Chiang, Asem Aboelzahab, Teresa Cadwallader, and Susan Khalifah

Team Purdue University Reactor Number One (PUR-1), Team Award

The Team Award, which was announced prior to the awards banquet, was given to Team Purdue University Reactor Number One (PUR-1). This team from the School of Nuclear Engineering, consists of Robert Bean, David Storz, and Clive Townsend, who have paved the way for widespread use of digital technology in both research and industry nuclear reactors.

(l to r) Dean Mung Chiang, Clive Townsend, Robert Bean, and David Storz

Source: 2019 Staff Awards of Excellence