ME's Scalo receives Young Investigator grant

Congratulations to Dr. Carlo Scalo, whose Compressible Flow and Acoustics Lab was awarded $360,000 from the Army Research Office Young Investigator Program.
Coherent-vorticity Preserving (CvP) Large-Eddy Simulation (LES) of Knotted Vortices

The grant is to carry out fundamental studies of topologically complex vortical flows by relying on a novel turbulence modeling technique called Coherent-vorticity Preserving Large-Eddy Simulation (CvP-LES).

Dr. Jean-Baptiste Chapelier, postdoctoral scholar, is the lead author on the paper describing the CvP-LES technique. Ms. Zongxin Yu, doctoral student, will be using this technique to investigate complex vortex dynamics, starting with trefoil knotted vortices.

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Simulation versus experiment with knotted vortices.
Carlo Scalo, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Jean-Baptiste-Chapelier, Postdoctoral Scholar
Zongxin-Yu, PhD Student

Source:ME News