Purdue Semiconductors Information Session

Event Date: November 16, 2023
Hosted By: Semiconductors At Purdue
Time: 6pm to 7pm EST
Location: RHPH 164
Contact Name: Billie Johnson
Contact Email: billiejohnson@purdue.edu
Priority: No
School or Program: College of Engineering
College Calendar: Show
Learn about what it means to build a successful career in microelectronics and immediate opportunities to get trained in semiconductors at Purdue.

Semiconductors At Purdue invite you to attend their Fall 2023 Semiconductor Info Session. Faculty and staff will be highlighting several semiconductor initiatives taking place for the spring 2024 semester.


  • Changing the World with Chips - Intro to Semiconductor Course (ENGR 10301)
  • Semiconductors Study Abroad programs 2024: Belgium and Japan
  • Summer Training, Awareness, and Readiness for Semiconductors (STARS)
  • Certificate in Semiconductors (16 credits)

Space is limited for the session. RSVP is required.