From the Dean: August 2019

Dear Purdue Engineering Community,

Our students, faculty and staff have enjoyed a productive time over the past several months, from industry co-op and global exchange to research conferences and professional development. The campus has also had a busy summer: Ever True campaign ended with Engineering raising over $1B, Gateway I was approved by the Trustees in June and Gateway II approved in July, Zucrow Aerospace District kept generating research capabilities and jobs in aerospace, Indy 5G Zone was launched as was Center on Secured Microelectronics with the world's largest chip manufacturer. Many creative and impactful discoveries were carried out by our faculty and their research groups throughout summer. And, during July 18-20, we celebrated Neil Armstrong's lunar walk and 50th anniversary of Apollo 11, including the launch of the Cislunar Initiative. Broadly, five Purdue Engineering Initiatives (PEI) described last spring officially started.

We extend a warm "welcome back" to undergraduate and graduate students, and this week's BGR activities will introduce the excitement of Purdue to new students! The College also has some updates on its Leadership Team.

The Class of 2023 undergraduate students in all of the professional Schools in Purdue Engineering will be exposed to the basic literacy of data science (in the Data Mind graduation requirement passed School by School last year). Master's and Ph.D. students will see a rich set of opportunities of professional growth. We are also proud to celebrate outstanding teachers in many ways, including the 117 faculty colleagues recognized in the Purdue Exponent yesterday. In this new academic year, four Schools in Purdue Engineering will go through Agile Reform of Curriculum (ARC) for undergraduate students. Learning outside of the classroom will be further enhanced too, e.g., connecting students to impactful internships in tech startups in Silicon Valley.

I look forward to seeing you in my random walks around campus, College town-hall meeting on November 5 from 3-4pm, and during open-door office hours:
August 21, 9-10am
September 17, 10:30-11:30am
October 17, 3-4pm
November 19, 2-3pm
December 17, 11am-12pm

You can also find me on LinkedIn or Twitter @PurdueEngDean

Boiler up in the new academic year!


Mung Chiang
John A. Edwardson Dean of the College of Engineering
Purdue University

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