Overarching Goal for Purdue Engineering: Pinnacle of Excellence at Scale

Neil Armstrong Building

The College of Engineering at Purdue is part of a university with exciting collaborations among its units. For society at large, engineers have in their hands the ability to reshape the condition of human existence in this century and beyond. The field of engineering is changing rapidly, with fresh interactions among the underlying substrates, engineering artifacts and systems, and application domains. What to teach, how to teach, and where to teach also present themselves as questions with opportunities and urgency, especially at a large, land-grant university. What should be the intellectual identity, differentiating strength, and unique culture of Purdue Engineering?

  • Never complacent with anything less than the pinnacle, we will aim higher and punch above our weight.
  • As the largest engineering college among the top 10 in the nation, we will tackle the challenges of scale and seize opportunities enabled by scale.

More Eager, More Agile, More Visible.

Purdue Engineering Is Where “The Virtual Meets the Physical”

Be the best engineering college in the world at the interface of virtual-physical engineering, by leveraging long-standing strength in “what-we-touch” engineering and growing “what-we-code” engineering.

Purdue Engineering Develops a Large Pool of Premier Engineering Talent

Make online learning not only scalable but also effective. Provide diverse, innovative choices and support the highest academic standards for each undergraduate and graduate student, even at scale.

Purdue Engineering Empowers Industry

Be the best engineering college in the United States in engaging with industry in all areas, including curriculum innovation, workforce development, research impact and entrepreneurship.

Move Fast.

Encourage nimble innovation by faculty, staff and students. Treat permanent changes and experimental pilots differently. Provide “oxygen” to make mistakes.

Maximize Productivity and Collaboration.

Reduce barriers and bureaucracy that hinder faculty/staff excellence or “1+1=3” in “constellation of stars.”

Operationalize “Think Impact.”

Re-optimize financial and physical resources and update processes to maximize impact, which comes in different forms but is about the differences made to the discipline or society.

Grow from our Strength.

Pursue research excellence and impact relentlessly. Take it from "strong" to "the best" in selected areas by attracting and supporting top talent. 

Everyone Moves Upward.

Foster an equitable and incentivizing environment, where everyone, from diverse backgrounds and ideas, is included and inspired to achieve each individual's full potential.

Leave no Good Deed Unknown.

Intensify communication, with pride and passion, to alumni, peers and partners, from the Heartland to the hemispheres.