Sumit Mehra

Co-Founder, President, and CTO
Y Media Labs
BSCmpE 2004

sumit mehra

Engineering fundamentally teaches you about problem solving. Whether you eventually end up being an engineer or not in your career, the core skills stay with you for life. The Purdue engineering curriculum is designed to give you strong core skills, make you curious and think big. My advice always is to pursue excellence in whatever you do, start early in your career, take risks and persevere. There will be many times you’ll want to give up, but if you wither the storm, the world will coming knocking at your door for what you have to offer."

Mr. Sumit Mehra earned a BS in Computer Engineering from Purdue University in 2004. He is the co-founder, President, & CTO of Y Media Labs (YML), an award-winning design and technology agency that builds best-in-class digital products for Fortune 500 companies and leading startups. Prior to founding YML, Mehra was a software engineer at Google, Yahoo and Dell.

Mehra is currently spearheads growth and innovation at YML. Responsible for the agency’s growth to a team of 450+ globally, he sets the strategic direction and leads the global product engineering team.

Mehra is passionate about the intersection of technology and business, and is responsible for some of the most significant transformation stories of the last decade. Mehra has helped world-class medical institutions conduct large-scale clinical studies for breast cancer, Parkinson’s, cardiovascular, asthma and diabetes with Apple’s ResearchKit, delivered remote healthcare to 12 million plus Kaiser Permanente members through the Covid pandemic, helped built the Clover POS solution that has transformed the small business landscape, and has helped grow 9 startups like PayPal, Credit Karma, Latch, Thrive Market to a $1B valuation or IPO.

Sumit lives in San Francisco Bay area with his wife, two kids and their dog Mowgli.