Dr. Jong Woo Park

Executive Vice President and General Manager
Digital Printing Division, Digital Media Business
Samsung Electronics Co.

Jong Woo Park
The importance of education in the field of electrical and computer engineering becomes more important than ever because it plays a leading role for all aspects of contemporary industry and makes amazing contributions to enrich human life.
Jong Woo Park received his bachelor’s degree and master’s degree from Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea, and his PhD from Purdue in 1988. He then worked for IBM Corporation, where he was involved in 4Mb and 64Mb DRAM product development. In 1992, he joined Samsung Electronics Company, Korea. He developed the world’s first fully working 16Mb SOI and 1 Gb DRAM. He received the Best Technical Award and was awarded a Good Company Prize from Samsung.

In 1999 Park became Senior Vice President and General Manager and led the development of the next-generation DRAMs, SRAMs, and high-density flash memory devices. He also developed the world’s first fully working 1 Gb NAND flash memory product.

Throughout his career, Park has been introduced by many newspapers and business magazines as a distinguished engineer and businessman. He was listed in Who’s Who in Korea in 1997 and Who’s Who in the World in 1999. He received the Korean Best Industry Research Award from the Korean Ministry of Science and Technology and received the World First Class Product prize from the Korean Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy. He served on the committee for the IEEE SOI Conference and as an Asian Coordinating Executive Committee member with the IEEE IEDM. He also served as vice president for the IEEE EDS/SSCS, Seoul Chapter. Park has published 47 papers and international conference proceedings, including many invited papers, and has filed six patents.
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