Dr. Otto Voegeli

Private Consultant, Vice President
Advanced Memory Components Inc., retired

Otto Voegeli
Often, the best solution is found, not through engineering discipline, but by looking for artistic simplicity -- founded in engineering discipline.

A Swiss citizen, Otto Voegeli retired as vice president of Advanced Memory Components in 1995 and now devotes his time to private consulting. He did his undergraduate work in Zurich and came to Purdue to complete his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in electrical engineering. Upon graduation in 1971 he joined IBM's System Development Division as a staff engineer in Advanced Technology (Magnetic Storage). Promoted to advisory engineer with IBM's General Products Division, he continued his work with storage media and in 1974 became manager of Bubble Technology. His inventive genius resulted in his being named Inventor of the Year by the Peninsula Patent Law Association in 1977.

In 1980 Voegeli became a research staff member with the Almaden Research Center in San Jose where he worked with advanced lasers, head design and evaluation, recording physics and magnetic recording components. In 1987 he was assigned to the Laser Science and Technology Department at IBM Zurich Research Laboratory and in 1989 returned to San Jose to continue his work at Almaden. In 1991 Voegeli was named vice president of Advanced Memory Components Inc. in Santa Clara, the position he held until his retirement in 1995.