Dr. P. June Min

Vice Chairman, Anam Industrial Co., Ltd.
AS Corporation. Ltd.

P. June Min
I have been able to build my successful career and fortune based on higher, good education and hard work. (My)...engineering education has provided me the ability to make right management decisions in a high tech business environment.

After graduating from Yonsei University and working for Tong Young Electric Company, P. June Min came to Purdue to complete his master's and doctoral degrees in computer architecture with Professor King-Sun Fu.

Joining IBM, he rose to director of service systems, received three major patents, and earned five IBM Contribution Awards. He did some consulting work and then returned to Korea to establish Goldstar Semiconductor, Ltd. and Goldstar Software Ltd., one of the major software houses in Korea. In 1987 he established Western Digital Korea, Ltd. and served as president and CEO.

Min founded Liberty Systems, a computer engineering design house; CyberTech Inc., a company which supported the U.S. Eighth Army Battle Simulation Center; and Intellect, Inc., which provides distribution and consulting services. As CEO Min established new manufacturing divisions for DaeWoo Corporation, the fourth largest industrial group in Korea. In 1995 he established a semiconductor wafer manufacturing division for the Anam Group, the world's largest semiconductor packaging industry. He is now vice chairman and CEO of Anam Industrial Co., Ltd.

Min received the Presidential Award for Best Product Development from the Republic of Korea in 1981. He has served on the strategic planning committee for the countrys Fifth Five Year Economic Development Plan, the electronic review committee for the Patent Office, the executive committee of the Korean Information Industry Association, the computer industry promotion committee of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and the board of the Korean Institute of Telematics and Electronics. He was vice chairman of the Korea Information Science Society and in 1995 was president of the Korean Club of the Purdue Alumni Association.