Photo Carly McKean

Carly McKean

Hometown: Arlington Heights, IL
Student Classification: Junior
Major: Design

Why did you choose Aeronautics and Astronautics?
Because I loved Physics and wanted to apply it to space!

Best event or organization you’ve participated in within AAE?
AAESAC (Aeronautics and Astronautics Student Advisory Council)

Best event or organization you’ve participated in outside of AAE?
PUDM (Purdue University Dance Marathon)

Why did you want to be an AAE Ambassador?
I wanted to be able to show everyone the great opportunities offered through AAE

Favorite place on campus?
Discovery Park Sundial

Favorite class you’ve taken thus far and why?
AAE251, I loved working with my team to solve rocket based problems

What is one piece of advice you would give to a potential AAE student?
Time management is key! AAE is so much easier when time is budgeted well

Who is someone you look up to in the Aero/Astro industry and why?
Beth Moses, a female astronaut and Purdue grad!

What motivates you to succeed?
Being able to look back at all of the items I have completed.

What is your ultimate career goal?
To work as a team to solve complex aeronautical engineering problems.

What do you like to do when you’re not studying/in the lab or classroom?
I love going on long walks on campus and discovering the cool restaurants!