AAE 49700 Rules and Procedures

This course is intended to allow undergraduates to engage in independent study and individual or small group research projects under the direction of the faculty. Projects may be initiated by students or by faculty. Interested students should follow the procedures listed here.

A limit of 6 credits can be applied toward specialization/selective degree requirements.


  1. The student must have a faculty sponsor. (Only an AAE faculty member can award credit for an AAE 49700 project).
  2. The student and sponsoring faculty member should discuss and agree on the intent and focus of the course and the individual expectations of both the student and faculty supervisor.
  3. Send Lisa Crain – lcrain@purdue.edu, the information listed below so that a VT form can be created. Registration must be completed within the first 4 weeks of the semester.


    • Student Name
    • Purdue ID Number
    • Number of credits
    • 30 Character Title including spaces
    • Instructor Name
    • Undergraduate Academic Advisor
    • Lisa will email you when the form is ready for pick and signatures

    Once the form is created, you must sign it and then get it signed by your instructor and academic advisor. The completed form is then taken to Hovde Room 68 for processing.

    Note: When calculating the number of credits, the student should spend 3 hours per week per credit hour. For example, a student signed up for 2 credit hours for the 15 weeks of class would need to spend 6 hours per week (90 per semester).

Applying the 49700 to your MyPurduePlan

Complete the AAE49700 Course Description Form, get the required signatures and submit the form to your assigned academic advisor by the Friday of the 4th week of the semester.

NOTE: This form is a fillable PDF and should be completed electronically.

If the 49700 is a team project, the team will want to agree on a basic description. However, you may be applying it to a different degree requirements than others on your team, so make it clear how the project is suitable for your purpose (eg: if you want it to be a Structures major elective, be sure that the structures component of the project is explained.)