Aren Apelian

Hometown: Irvine, CA
Student Classification: Junior
Major: Aerodynamics

Why did you choose Aeronautics and Astronautics?
I have always liked aviation and the science surrounding it, so I wanted to continue to learn about the engineering behind aircraft in college.

Best event or organization you’ve participated in within AAE?
AAE Guest Speaker Series. You get to hear from professors all over the world and gain a deeper understanding of the cutting-edge research that is going on in the aero industry.

Best event or organization you’ve participated in outside of AAE?
Purdue Tour Guides

Why did you want to be an AAE Ambassador?
Being an AAE ambassador allows me to become more connected with the Purdue AAE community and pay it forward to the next generation of AAE students.

Favorite place on campus?
Birch Boilermaker Golf Course & Reading Room

Favorite class you’ve taken thus far and why?
AAE 301: Signal Analysis. In Signals, you gain a practical understanding of all the complex math you've just spent 3 years learning. It opens your eyes to the applications of your hard work and how math can solve real world problems.

What is one piece of advice you would give to a potential AAE student?
Spend your time doing something that motivates you.

Who is someone you look up to in the Aero/Astro industry and why?
My dad (also an Aerospace Engineer) because he’s a problem solver and motivates me to take intellectual risks, make mistakes, ask questions, and continue learning throughout every stage of life.

What motivates you to succeed?
I am motivated to succeed by my passion for aerospace and my curiosity to learn as much as I can about aviation.

What is your ultimate career goal?
Help build a commercial airliner and be able to fly that aircraft.

What do you like to do when you’re not studying/in the lab or classroom?
When I’m not studying or in the classroom, I hang out with friends, play volleyball, give tours around campus, and golf for $15 in West Lafayette.