Admission into the School of Aeronautics and Astronautics

For students transitioning from high school:

Admission to Purdue for undergraduate study in engineering is handled by the Office of Admissions. First-year students enter the First-Year Engineering Program, through which they complete basic coursework (usually two semesters). The First-Year Engineering program provides students time to explore the different majors offered in the College of Engineering. 

The Admissions Criteria page gives the requirements for freshmen. The Undergrad Admissions FAQs page provides answers to many common questions.

For students transitioning from First-Year Engineering (FYE):

Students who have completed the FYE requirements and are ready to move to their professional school of choice will transition through the College of Engineering's Enrollment Management Policy (T2M: Transition to Major) process. The T2M process happens three times a year -- at the end of the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters (December, May, and August).

For students transitioning from other majors at Purdue (CODO):

Are you thinking of changing your major? At Purdue, that's called a "Change of Degree Objective" (CODO), and you start the process by reaching out to your current academic advisor for guidance.

Your specific CODO requirements will follow when you entered Purdue University-West Lafayette. This is formally known as your catalog term. Please select the academic year in which you began classes at Purdue for your CODO requirements. (You can find your catalog term on your MyPurduePlan worksheet.)

Students who are currently registered at the West Lafayette campus and would like to CODO into AAE should email the AAE Undergraduate Advising Office.

For students transferring to Purdue from another university:

Information about the process for students who wish to transfer to Purdue from another university can be found on the Office of Admissions website.

The most current information about how Purdue undergraduate courses compare to those of other institutions is available in the Purdue Transfer Credit Course Equivalency Guide. 

Students who have had college credit transferred to Purdue (through the Admissions Office), who would like it to be evaluated for applicability to the BS-AAE degree should contact the AAE Undergraduate Advising Office.