AAE Exam Calculator Policy

With the advent of wireless calculators and other highly sophisticated graphing calculators with extensive storage capability, it has become necessary to prescribe a specific exam calculator to insure the integrity of our exam process and provide all students with equal opportunity to succeed on exams. With only one exam calculator option, this also enables faculty to more easily verify that all exam students are utilizing the authorized calculator.

The only calculator that is permitted to be used during AAE exams (unless otherwise specified by the instructor) is the TI-30XIIS, a two-line basic scientific calculator. This calculator was selected for its simplicity of use, basic functionality (no added bells or whistles), low cost (approximately $13) and wide availability. As such, there is no significant imposition on students to purchase this low-cost exam calculator. Students retain the freedom to use their calculator of choice on homework, labs and projects, but are encouraged to practice using their exam calculator to make sure they fully understand its functionality.

The use of any unauthorized calculators during an exam will be deemed an academic dishonesty infraction. Students who violate this policy are subject to sanctions from the instructor, up to and including a failing grade on the exam or even failing the grade in the course. Furthermore, all infractions also will be reported to the Office of the Dean of Students as potential violations of the Purdue University Code of Student Conduct, which may result in additional sanctions being assigned, including probation, suspension, or even expulsion from the University. Any questions about this policy should be addressed to your instructor.